Looking for a D&D Group to play regularly (new to the game)


Totally agree! I didn’t clarify all the points on the list for my home group either instead treating it as a list to pull from as appropriate.
But I think it’s helpful for anyone to go over the list at least once. Not because we will discuss all points in it but because it makes it easier to describe what kind of game one would like to play in or not. After all what’s obvious for one person might be controversial for another one.

I guess the first question will be how many people will show up anyway and then go from there.

I like the idea, but easier to decide on that at the meeting.

Personally I’m very open to run the occasional one shot or maybe a short adventure (<4 Sessions) from time to time. But I don’t want to DM a longer campaign and don’t want to DM every session.

@dertseha are you interested in preparing a short oneshot/encounter for tomorrow? You seem to most willing to DM just going by the posts.


If nobody else was already preparing their oneshot adventure for this occasion, then yes, I’d be happy to run one.
I’ll bring the 5 pregenerated characters that come with the DnD 5e starter set. I do have a further, handmade lvl1 char ready as well, so I can cover 6 players. Should we need more, we’ll work something out, like, having twins :wink:


Sounds good to me!


Hey guys, my name’s also Matthias (19), I’ve got no idea if this is like too late or if there’s too many people by now, but I’d love to come by tomorrow as well.


Should i make a character just in case i need one? I am mainly showing up tomorrow for scheduling and getting to know my future DnD buddies


Hey, @Shadow, I really don’t think it’s too many people at this point :slight_smile: Just show up and we’ll see how everything fits :slight_smile:

@Fred I don’t think it’s really necessary to make a character before tomorrow, though it can’t hurt either :wink: If we end up not needing the characters now, you can still use them for the actual games x)

I’ll bring my laptop, mainly because I do have some digital adventures I bought a while back which we could go through and I’d happily share with whoever ends up dm’ing. Obviously dice and PHB as well :wink:

Seeee you all tomorrow!


@Shadow Sure, go ahead and come as well. We’ll figure out size constraints and/or group separation on the way :slight_smile:

@Fred If you have a character easily ready, sure, go ahead as well. You could use it as a prototype for a later refined one, when the true action starts. Don’t put too much effort into it, as it’s unsure whether we truly run a session.

(edit: OK, @lvl39nerd was quicker to reply :wink: )


Hey there folks,

unfortunately I (George 29) just saw this thread a few minutes ago. In the hope that I’m not all too late for the fun, I would like to place my request to join y’all this evening. I’m already familiar with P&P games in general and especially with D&D5 and also the location you chose.
I’m looking for to hearing from you.



how long would this meet up last?


A couple of hours, certainly, I’d say. Pretty much depends on the players and their time and what is being discussed, how long that takes, if we are doing a quick session or not.

My best guess would be roughly 3-4 hrs, though.


End times: Best case around 8pm. Around 9pm would still be OK for me. 10pm is the very latest and only for cases we are so enthralled of the situation :slight_smile: . I have to work tomorrow, too, and a way home as well. And I also guess the club wants to close as well at one point.

After all, my prime objectives are to get acquainted and cover some initial questions. The one-shot adventure, for me, is a secondary objective if we covered the basis.
We don’t have to solve everything in the first meeting.


Oh, and, @McAnnonym , if you are still interested and in time, you surely can come as well :slight_smile:


What is "Top 1 ". As in literally or first one top?


It’s door number 1. Just ring the bell with the label 1.

I’m already here :slight_smile:


Hey guys, i could make some time and would arrive around 15 minutes past 6 at the club.
See you there. :slight_smile:


Sooo… first meeting was a success :slight_smile:

Summary from my side: We had a larger group and we covered some initial questions, both generic and some specific ones about style.
Main takeaway: Since there’s only one “fix” DM so far (me) and today’s size was already larger than my limit of max 7 players, we’ll have to split it up somehow.

To give the ones that didn’t make it today also a chance, we thought of two steps:

  1. We can share our collected information and extend it based on the preferences of the missing people. Based on these answers, some initial yes/no filter can be applied. (see below for first possible criteria)
  2. I offer to run the intended one-shot session twice, with two different sets of people. This gives interested players the chance to meet me and my style.

A possible first filter criteria could be based on the session style: I’m intending to play every two weeks (either Friday or Saturday - depending on compromise of the group), based on a premade DnD 5e campaign (Princess of Darkness) with spliced extra stuff - possibly from premade “Out of the abyss” campaign, as well as small modules (existing/homegrown).
Based on the reference guide of one level per ~3 sessions, and the intended target level of 15 for the campaign, as well as possible skipped sessions on my part, we’re already at ~2 years runtime.
-> Some already expressed their preference of shorter (<6 months) or even module-style story arc sessions.

The property of running the two one-shot sessions is sadly that the players of the two groups don’t learn the “chemistry” of the people of the respective other group. Yet, from current point of view, it’s the only compromise I can think of to give those that were missing today a chance.

So, to go forward:
Only those that showed interest so far vote on whether they have time on 1st and/or 8th of February here: https://doodle.com/poll/a66zd2kgxiw9hn4c
If you have time on only one of these dates, then only one option. If you have time on both, then select both. If you haven’t got time on either (and you’re the only one), then I’m already to sorry to probably have a first “not with me then” filter :slight_smile:
When all have cast their vote, I’ll figure out whether two even groups can fit for both dates and notify you all. (Note: it will be max 7 players in a session, less would be preferable)

When the two sessions are done, we’ll then do some BigBrother style voting… or something like that :wink:
Again: This is the plan to figure out the group with me as the DM. Those that can’t make the cut are free to form their own! To form group(s) was the plan all along :slight_smile:

Did I miss something? Everyone confused now? Fast-Talk check passed? :slight_smile:


Going through the thread again, I want to ping users @Danny_Black @DoctorBaldy @Deca @sean1q @blueblaze because either I didn’t properly match their presence yesterday, or these are the ones missing yesterday. I’m pinging to direct attention to my longer previous post as it is also meant for you (I myself realized that this forum doesn’t inform one about all posts in a thread unless explicitly set to, so stuff may have been missed.)
Also, it seems that most of the original posters here weren’t present yesterday and that feels like the others somehow hijacked the thread, which I’d like to counter :slight_smile:


Glad to hear you guys had a successful first run! I can make it either the 1st or the 8th. As far as splitting into groups, I don’t really have an opinion. I’ve never played this game before so I think I’m at the mercy of what the DM wants to do!

I did already make a character (a Dwarf druid) using an online character generator, so don’t need to use one of the pre-made ones.


Hey Guys,

Tom here (owner of Cafe Zehnsiebzig - https://www.facebook.com/cafezehnsiebzig/). I’m a little bit late to the party, but as some of you know, we have a back room that’s ideal for gaming. Depending on availability, we could certainly set you all up with a table.

You all already set for February 1st?


Thank you, Sean!

8 of the people in this thread have voted in the Doodle, so far so good. On this Friday (25th) I’ll then call it closed and report the distribution on the two dates.

Also, thank you for the reminder @TomTom1070 . We did consider your cafe and we appreciate the offered service, yet for the first meetings we are supporting another location :slight_smile: