Looking for a D&D Group to play regularly (new to the game)


All right, first filter is done, we have 9 interested and 8 available for the first two one-shot sessions. The poll is now closed.

I made two groups, based on your time preferences, as well as some arcane selection process on my part.

In the hopes to have the names properly matched:
Group A, 1st of February: @BlueIvyRedRoses , @stochastic_wolf , @lvl39nerd , @McAnnonym
Group B, 8th of February: @Discarvio , @sean1q , @Fred , @Andreas

All further info will now happen on our own Discord server that @lvl39nerd thankfully set up for us.
@sean1q , you are missing on that server, invite follows via PM.


Cool! Happy that this has been set up!


Alright, wishing you the best on the campaign trail!


Hello! I hope I am still in time sorry I was terribly busy working the last days… I would like to join a regular group as well :slight_smile: I have already player 5e dnd but I am not very experienced with other edition… Let me know if I am still in time I don’t want to vote in the doodle if I am not to not make confusion


Hello, @Carlo95 !
Thank you for your interest! At the moment we are already in a some sort of filtering process because we’ve become too many in this thread for one DM. Though, on the plus side, it may be that after the dust has settled, enough players are left over that could form a new party themselves :slight_smile: