Looking for a D&D Group to play regularly (new to the game)

Hello gang,

me (Danie, 29) and my friend(Matthias, 21) are looking to play some more Pen and Papers.
We played a couple of Pen & Papers with friends already but are relatively new to the games.
However we love fantasy and roleplaying. My friend already wrote his first fantasy novel so he is quite into the stuff aswell.

If anybody wants to pick us up and show us the ropes, we would be totally greatful and would also bring whatever supplies in the form of food and drinks are needed for an extensive night of playing!

Daniel & Matthias
Speaking German and English.

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Hey Danie,

My name is Otto (20), I’d be so happy to join you guys and get a regular group together. I hope another 2 or so people will take interest in this. Please tell me where you guys would like to have these group-ups happen.

To be honest i am also quiet new to dnd but i am super invested right now and will learn as much as I can and obviously help you guys out to the best of my ability! Tough it might not be much.

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Hey there guys,

my name is Stefan (29) and i also am pretty new to DnD i was more of a pc RPG’er so far but decided to give pen and paper a chance and after reading through several books am really hyped to try it! Would also like to play on a regular base so, if you guys start something and got a spot open hit me up.

greetings Deca o7

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Hey you all,

I’d like to join your group if possible and if you’re still looking for (more) players.

The SpielBar (Lederergasse 26, 1080) seems to be a fairly common place for games, there’s also Siren Games (Friedmanngasse 13, 1160) which also has a tables and space for games. Not to mention the cafe that just opened and has its own thread here :wink:

All seem fairly easy to get to^^

If no one else volunteers to DM, I might be persuaded, granted we play D&D 5th Edition xD I’m happy to play either weekly or on a bi-weekly or monthly basis :slight_smile:



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Hi all. I’d like to join as well. Never played D&D before but seems cool and I’d love to get into it. I’m learning German but probably would need to play in English since my German isn’t really fluent yet. Would be down to meet up at either of those places that you mentioned, Chris!

Sean (28)

Hey everybody!

Hope I’m not too late for the party. I would also enjoy playing. My current group is about to disband because of work and life reasons. I’m an experienced player, and could also think of running a module campaign as DM (don’t think I would have time to homebrew something). As Sean, my German is also improving but I would have a hard time going for a full campaign :joy:.

Have a good one,

Gabriele (27)

Hey Guys :smile:
My Name is Marie (19) and I also would like to join, if you still have some space for another player :). I also just recently started getting into DnD, but from all what I have read and learned so far, it sounds really good and I can´t wait to actually play it! I live a bit outside of Vienna (Traiskirchen), but I am open to meet wherever is convienient for everybody. Looking forward to seeing where this is going. :smiley:

at this point I think enough people have replied allready but I would like to throw my hat in the ring Igor (21) mostly play dnd 5e but am by my standards a fast learner.

Looks like there is space for more than one group! I think we should set a first meeting all together to get to know each other and maybe start thinking of group disposition!

I have taken the initiative and set up a doodle to see when a good day would be (time and place a still pretty undecided, but at least having a day where most people could in principle meet is a good starting point).

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If you are still looking for a place or a group, there is another place to play: Atheneas Siegel in Gaullachergasse 61/1, 1160 Wien!

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Amazing! Also very close to home! Do you have to become a member though to access the place?

As one who did some initial visits to the group already: No, you don’t have to be a member. The difference, as I see it, is how much you have to pay to be there: 3EUR as a non-member, and 1EUR as a member of this non-profit group. (first three guest-visits are free)
That might sound off-putting, yet compare that to the “minimum charge” of at least one drink in any cafe/restaurant where you would join. Plus, even as a non-member you have access to a vast array of both living and dead knowledge there (people, as well as their own rule-book library :stuck_out_tongue: ).

Though, @ungeheuer will most likely be better in advertising :wink:

I, myself, am also interested in finding a new group and I’m still struggling what I’m looking for. Player, GM… Though, I’m more and more tending towards the GM role. Haven’t done that in ages.

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Well, this certainly took of quite a bit, awesome :slight_smile:

I don’t much mind meeting wherever and dertseha’s remark is certainly true - unless you’re meeting at someone’s home, you’ll have to spend some money either on drinks/food or entry.

My suggestion at this point would be to find a day/time where we could meet and get to know each other (stochastic_wolf’s poll is a good starting point for that, thanks :slight_smile: ) and then decide in person if we want to play in one giant group or several smaller ones, who the DM(s) will be and so on :slight_smile: That should also help deciding which type of game (more RP, more dungeon-delving and so on) we want to do aaaand so on :wink:

Either way, I’m looking forward to this and can’t [EDIT] wait to [/EDIT] play with you all xD

Hey y´all

I(19) hope I am not too late to ask if I can tag along in one of your groups. I am a “experienced” DnD 5e player(A guy who read most of the books and DMed 4 times) and would like to be a player in a regular group. If someone has a spot for me a response would be nice.

Hope to be hearing a response soon. :grin::+1:

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@dertseha yeah, at the end I think it’s a fair deal!

@lvl39nerd yes, really can’t wait!

@Fred no need to ask mate! The more the merrier!

I say we vote until tonight and propose a place and time (would not want to miss opportunities in the weekend).
Speaking on which, did the OP express any vote? @Danny_Black

Upping the doodle here

Thanks alot. Looking forward to it.

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Hey everyone. I would also like to take part in a new campaign. Thursday is my preferred day if that is not possible with you guys then ignore my vote please :slight_smile:

You explained that right anyway - no reason to do it again!

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Ok guys, looks like the date that could get most people together is this Sunday!

Would that sound good? We could meet in some café/bar after lunch to organize something (keeping in mind those that unfortunately can’t be there).

Also, I think that the place @ungeheuer proposed would be fine, although I couldn’t really understand if they are open on Sundays!

Regular opening hours are Friday and Saturday evening, from 18:30. Otherwise we are open if someone announces a round!

As things stand at the moment, the club will be open this Sunday from 14:00. Maybe someone is planning an earlier round, then we will open earlier!