Looking for a D&D Group to play regularly (new to the game)


How long will a session last but I need but 1 and a Half hours the get to Vienna and I have to work on Monday


@Fred I don’t think much… maybe 2-4 hours? Just the time to get organized for future session (DMs, players, locations, timetables ecc…)


Session times really depend on the group, though 2-4 hours are quite common.

Since you, @Fred, need to get back home at a reasonable, I’d be fine with starting earlier than the suggested 8pm. Maybe around 18Uhr? I don’t yet have plans, so I’m free whenever, really.

As for the place, I’m fine either way and Atheneas Siegel does sound like the perfect place, soooo let’s go there :wink:

And for the two that can’t make it, @Discarvio and @sean1q, I’m sure we could meet at a time/day you can and fill you in or something? I assume the first time would still mainly be a get-to-know and planning meeting. Does that sound okay? Or do you prefer just a quick written summary of what was discussed in here?


So we have a date and a time but not a place yet?


As for the time: I was under the assumption of the Doodle time, so 8pm to 9pm. 6pm would be possible (ish), though this sounds like a new organization effort then :wink:

I don’t expect that we run a game already at this point. I see this rather as a first get-together and figuring out preferences.


  • Athenaes Siegel : Getting to know ourselves AND the group
  • Alternative: The cafe at http://zehnsiebzig.com did some advertising for RPG groups here.

I’m motivated to support either place, though, just from a focus-group perspective, I’d guess Athenaes Siegel does have preference.


I’m sorry, I should have specified that the Doodle was completely at default. For me Sunday at 6 would be very good. No games running of course, just organization.

Let’s stick with Athenaes Siegel. Personally I would be in for around 18:00.


18:00 for me as well


Alright, 20th January, 6pm at Athenaes Siegel it is.

  • Homepage of the club: http://www.athenaes-siegel.at/index.php/en/
  • Address: Gaullachergasse 61/1 in 1160 Vienna.
  • To enter: If the front door is closed, ring at “Top 1”. Then simply go straight ahead, through the inner courtyard, and then the white door leading down.

I’ve written a message on their forums that a group of guests is coming.
Does anyone need further information?

Apart from that, is there anything we could prepare beforehand? Like a checklist of things to clarify? (Game preferences, Role preferences, …) – or am I making this way to formal and “we’ll simply see” ? :slight_smile:


I think a checklist is a good idea because it’s simple and we see what everyone what’s and can do


OK. I’ll start with something and then update the post as per your suggestions (disclaimer: The list is probably not exhaustive and we’ll still talk at the first get together :slight_smile: It’s simply a reference to fall back to)

To figure out the preferences/expectations per person:

  • Game system (edition, variant, …) - could be from “whatever” down to “exactly this edition with exactly only these core books”…
  • Time (dynamic schedule, fixed, …) - could be every week on Xday, to things like dynamically scheduled once per month
  • DM/GM Mode (fixed, random, rotating, …)
  • Group size (from, to)
  • Game style (action, horror, adventure, …)

I guess we’ll end with some consent that fits all/most, even if something doesn’t fit, in the club there will most probably be some alternatives to check out as well - albeit not necessarily on this particular Sunday :slight_smile:


Awkward question. Where is athenaes Spiegel? I cant find it on Google. :sweat_smile:


Thanks! I’ll be there this Sunday too!


I also can´t find it. :sweat_smile:


It’s in Gaullachergasse 61/1 1160 Wien


Thanks. :smile:


Probably you didn’t find it, because it is without p in Siegel…


I’ve updated my post about date & time with the address and secret handshake that is necessary…


thanks for that list and the run-down :slight_smile:

at the top of my head I can’t think of any other questions as any particular “house rules” would be implied in the game system, I assume.

Depending on the time we could also see if we can give the newer people (I think there were a few?) a quick rundown of the classes, their abilities and such to give everyone a better idea “what’s what” and all that and maybe even a short encounter to get a better feel for the game and the “narration” of combat?

Just a suggestion and heavily depended on any time constraints and what people actually need.

Looking forward to Sunday!


I’m interested as well!

I think your questions are a great starting point. One more important question imo is should the focus be on the mechanics/tactics, on RP, somewhere between?

For the finer points and 5e I found lists like this one quite helpful.
It doesn’t cover ALL questions and some might be redundant but it’s a good place to start for a checklist. There are dozens of similar Session Zero checklists online for further inspiration for the interested.

It think it would make make sense if the people willing/wanting to DM think about what kind of game they would like to run and then go from there. That makes it easier to decide on a DM or match up players with a DM if enough people show up.

Maybe even a VERY short oneshot at the end for newcomers/people interested using pregens.


Interesting extension to the list with viable questions!

For me the majority of it goes beyond what I was initially thinking of for our first meeting - just to get a rough outline to make initial steps towards a regular group :slight_smile: Right now I’m happy enough to figure out the overall chemistry between the people and what rough expectations are. I don’t expect we’ll clarify (nor be able to) whether “vendors will haggle or not”, picking a random deep-level point from that list.

With about 6 people (give or take) to meet up here on Sunday, I don’t expect many constellation options to satisfy everyone from the get go. To clarify expectations is good, and I believe there might be some compromises in the beginning.

The beauty of the proximity to the club is there might be alternatives as well though.

I like the idea about making a short session (be it an encounter or possibly a oneshot). As a wild idea, perhaps we’ll have several initial meetings where the people interested in mastering take turns so we all learn their style and the newcomers the game before settling in for their characters.

(I realize on myself that I’m torn between “simply get something going, adjusting along the way and risk unsatisfied expectations” and “clarify everything beforehand and risk overengineering” – Essentially I’m pinging between chaotic neutral and lawful neutral, my favourite axis of alignments :stuck_out_tongue: )