Hello! Looking to form/join a group

Hi, I’m Tom, I’m 42 years old, I’ve been in Vienna a long time and would really like to role play with a group regularly.
I started with Warhammer FRP as a teenager, did more GMing than playing. Also played “AD&D” back then, as a player. I’ve GM’d Call of Cthulhu a couple of times and enjoyed it.
I just got hold of Spire and would love to try it out with a group, online or live.
Apart from that would like to get to know some of you and join a one-shot some time?
I’m not really interested in D&D at the moment, more in non-traditional settings. That said I’d love to try out Runequest. Call of Cthulhu is always great.


Spire is great :+1:

have fun :slight_smile:

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Hey sorry if this info is elsewhere - how do the Friday nights at Cafe 1070 work, is it just to join D&D games?

Those are open D&D games

… you basically play as many oneshots as you like with your characters
there are sometimes games with ongoing/continuing story arcs though
(Age of Worms, Sharn Investigations or last summer’s Ravnica games)

Theoretically you could use those also to offer other systems,
but dms/players at such tables would not get V.A.L.U.E. rewards for their D&D characters obviously. :wink:

You can find our D&D houserules for these open games :point_right: here

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Thanks a lot!