Game of Metal RPG - Vienna Thursday Night Open Table Game

Hello everyone,

this Thursday ( I plan to run a game of Umlaut: Game of Metal RPG (see details in my earlier post) on Discord.
Anyone interested?

Is it okay to join if I know nothing about the game except for what you explained in your other post? It sounds like fun!

Hi @Kat - it is perfectly okay, nobody else has an idea either!
I’ll provide all the rules/materials tonight and I’ll explain everything at the beginning of the game.

See you tonight!

@S_journ What’s the status? Do we have enough people?

Sorry, I’ve just arrived at home after a too long day and I’ll just start my dinner.
I hope you don’t mind, but I’d like to postpone the game to next week (maybe @H can alao join then)

That’s fine. Have a nice evening.

Maybe we should start a doodle vote, or something like this. Just to make a date finding easier, instead of just hoping that people have time on Thursday :smiley:

uhh yes that would be a good idea

Good point, I’ve just made one and I’ll post it soon.
By the way, as this game is heavily based on storytelling
(similarly to @ThatGuyTed’s Münchausen game), it is well playable
even with 3 players (the authors specifically suggest 3-5 players)

Here is the post with the Doodle:

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