Game of Metal RPG - Vienna Thürsday Night Öpen Table Game (2020-10-15)

Have you ever wondered while mashing the controller buttons in Guitar Hero, how cool would it be to play in front of thousands of fans on stage? Have you ever dreamed of playing the loudest riffs instead of posing with an air guitar before the mirror? Have you ever hoped for a band of like-minded persons, instead of practicing the opening riffs of Smoke on the Water at home alone? Then this Thursday game is for YOU!

This Thursday we will play Umläut: Game of Metal, which is:

  • A GM-less, storytelling based RPG game (no preparation necessary);
  • It requires 3+ players
  • Everybody will play as a band instead of one character;
  • Everybody will act as a narrator for their bands’ story, but other players might intervene and influence these
  • Players can choose their own challenges - e.g. you can decide between high risk, but high earning challenge or to play safely
  • The game is originally meant to be played with a deck of cards - but as we will play online via Discord, I’ll try to reshape the rules to fit for dices.
  • The whole game is about metal, living as a musician and all the issues being a rockstar, so feel free to bring/post your favorite rock/metal music, include stories/scandals from your favorite bands in the game.
  • The game will take roughly 2-2,5 hours.

If you somehow don’t now what metal is, this might be a good starter.

Sign me üp :metal:

Whenever you hear a scandalous metal story, always bear in mind that when a new wave guitar player showed up in Ozzy’s dressing room in Rio, Ozzy had her thrown out for being too rowdy and debauched. :sunglasses:

Yes :metal:

sounds awesome (I won’t have time sadly)

btw. for the German speaking part of our community, I can recommend:


a massive Choose-Your-Own-Adventure-style roleplaying gamebook in the spirit of Steve Jackson’s and Ian Livingstone’s Fighting Fantasy
were - wait for it - you have to manage a metal band and bring them to Rock&Roll fame :metal:
it is written by Sven Harder (who also wrote Riders of the Black Sun before)

aaaand yes it has its own sountrack :metal:

Sadly as tonight people got busy/sick/other issues, we have to postpone this game for another night.

Alright. See you another week

@S_journ Are you still up to host a game this Thursday?

Yes, thank you for the reminder, I will make a separate post.
Let’s see, if this time more people are available.

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