Ideal time for an Umlaut: Game of Metal RPG?

I intended to plan a game of Umlaut: Game of Metal RPG previously, but
due to some organizational issues (e.g. blame me), this not took place - yet.
To make sure we find a fitting night for this, I’ve created a doodle below:

Please, fill it out the fitting time slots - hopefully we will have a match.
This game requires 3-5 players (including myself) and we will play it on Discord,
If we happen to have more than 5 players, I try to split the group and organize another game based on the doodle.

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Sounds great. Already entered myself into the vote.

Checking dates!

Hey @H, would Monday (2.11), Friday (6.11 or 13.11) fit to you? According to the Doodle these slots seems to be the most popular

Oops, sorry. Looks like my döödle didn’t save. Done now.

Seems like my upcoming World Tour schedule is basically the opposite of kat’s. :confused:

So… either I can make two sessions (as the game should work even with 3 players - incl. myself), like

  • one session with @irx and @Kat on the 6th (or 13th) of November (as you prefer)
  • one session with @H (and maybe @irx) on a separate Date

Or I can make a longer Doodle until end of November and maybe we find a later date
which fit to everyone?
Please send your preference

I’m fine with either option.

Totally DM’s call. If you guys want to play on a date when I can’t make it, go for it. If you want to push it back until later, I’ll try to be as flexible as I can.

Cheers, s_journ!

Alright, so Discord time once again:

If we don’t find a perfect time, then I’ll run this game in 2 sessions.

How much Metal knowledge is required? I have literally none maybe a bit of rock because I’m mainly into electronic music. Does it make sense to join?

@PatrickD perfectly fine, I’ll provide all the details in the game.
Please fill out the Doodle which dates would fit to you.

@Kat could you please check this Doodle, if any of the time slots fit for you?

Just did it :slight_smile:

Great - so @H, @irx, @Kat and @PatrickD save the date -
11.11.2020 (e.g. Wednesday) 19:30 and we will play on Discord.

See you on Wednesday!


Confirmed - see you!

This totally rocked. Thanks for an awesome evening. Can’t wait for the YOU TOASTED! Reunion Tour!

You’re welcome. For now, I work on my very first time travel/Cthulu-ish game, but maybe later, when I find some better fitting rules for the gigs, we could do a reunion tour.