Friday is AL time

Another Friday, another AL @ spielbar :slight_smile:
First AL after halloween … perfect time to start into the main Curse of Strahd adventure with me as your DM right?

as usual i’ll be there at around 18:30ish and plan to start my game between 19:30 and 20:10
the adventure is Tier 1 and Tier 2 so characters from level 1 - 10 are welcome

please post if you plan to come and whether you plan on playing or dming

I’m going to be here as a player in Curse of Strahd (^O^)/

Dmon summoning totally works in Bavaria r-right?
(Coming for the Curse of Strahd.)

Bavaria is in germany … CoS is in Barovia, and yes demon summoning can work, but all kinds of summoning in Barova are kind of funky :smiley:

As a native Bavarian, I can confirm that demon summoning works there as well - in fact, it is a kind of local tradition.


Coming as player for Curse of Strahd. Looking forward to it!

In regards to Bavaria, I am pretty sure that the government there is of demonic nature…

Edit: Can’t come after all. Sick. See post below.

Isn’t every government demonic? Also coming if there’s space

If possible I’d like a taste of CoS as a player. See you Friday!

If I can make it i will also join as a player

I would come on Friday as well as a player if possible.

alright we will most definitly need a second DM i think … just so you know it, in case @H is coming, one spot in CoS is reserved for him

I will be there too

Ah, crud. Thanks for the offer, but thanks to the long weekend, I won’t be able to join you on Friday. Looks like I won’t be able to play the entire campaign after all. Sad face …

Have fun nevertheless!

I plan to join as well…

Awwww. We will be without our mildly offemsive king. Now that is sad.

just a quick reminder that technically i’m not allowed to dm for more than 7 people at a single AL table, currently 9 players have announced that they would be coming, so we need another DM
@Toni, @SheVa one of you 2 maybe? :smiley:

Unfortunately, I again won’t be available this Friday :disappointed_relieved: I hope that my availability will get better soon, after my current workload eases (likely by mid November or so…).

Hey everyone i would like to join if there is a spot available…I used to come to a gathering once like 5 months ago so i doubt anyone remembers me…But yeah if there is a spot ill gladly come

I’ll redact my statement that I’ll be coming. I can’t come, so next in line can go. Have fun you guys!

Hey everyone! I’d like to come as a player too, if there’s still a spot available. Never played IRL before. Other than the PHB, dice, and character sheets, should I bring anything else? Do I need a mini?