Friday is AL time



Bring empty character sheets. You will need them to create a new character.


I come tomorrow with 2 additional players. I’d prefer to play, but I will continue my adventure in case we need a DM.


I can’t come after all. Feeling a cold coming up. :face_vomiting:
Have fun guys!


So are we going to have enought DMs?


yep, Toni will have to DM, but 2 DMs and 11 players so far


If there’s still an open spot, I might try to come by.

P.S.: meeting has just been prolonged… earliest I could be there is 19:30, so don‘t count on me being there.


I don’t think I can make it after all. Sorry


I’m coming and hoping for a free spot.


Which table are you guys on i cant recognize anyone here ^.^


Thanks Marcelle and all mah comrades for a nice session. Cant wait to continue adventuring in Bavaria (yeah i dont know when to stop, plus i was holding these jokes in for 3 hours cmoooon)


thanks for the fun today, even if we kept it a bit short

next week i won’t be there, i hope somebody else will pick up the torch and organize stuff, if no thread is there by tuesday i’ll start it though :stuck_out_tongue:


It was a very nice session yesterday.

For clarifications for my table, I checked and the rule says you get half as many treasure points as you get advancement points.

One treasure checkpoint for every two hours playing Tier 1 or Tier 2 adventures.

So please change the reward from yesterday to half of your advancement points so your characters stay AL legal. Sorry I wasn’t sure about this rule. If I said for the session last week that the reward was 4AP and 4 TP please also change that. I am sorry for the inconvenience.

Am I right that all the rewards are interlocked with each other? You get 1AP/hour spent, 1/2 TP/hour spent(T1 and2, 1TP/2AP) and 1/4 Renown/hour spent(4AP equal 1 Renown), 2,5days downtime/hour spent(2AP equal 5 days), up to the maximum of hours per quest possible with exception only to S8 quests and rewards? If yes, they could convert it to a single reward instead of having 4 that are basically all a calculation based on the AP received.


i have to disagree with you:

Seasons 7 and Earlier: The characters earn one checkpoint per hour spent playing the adventure (to a maximum of the adventure’s duration in hours). This reward is doubled for tier 3 and 4 adventures.

and for hardcovers:
Treasure Checkpoints. Characters playing in a hardcover adventure earn one treasure checkpoint for each hour played in pursuit of the adventure’s stated goals (rounded down). This reward is doubled for tier 3 and 4 characters.


Okay, then people in my adventure earned 4 AP and 4 TP (or 2 AP and 2 TP if they chose to progress slowly).

My bad, I copied the text from reddit. Your statement is correct, I now also found it in the “DDAL_Rewards_Announcement.pdf”.

So basically people earn the same amount of AP and TP on Season 7 and Earlier and by adding their remaining TP+items bought with TP should add up to their total AP?


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