New player looking for DnD 5e group

Hi, everyone!

I just moved to Vienna a few months ago, and I’m looking for a group to play DnD 5e with on a regular basis. A few friends and I have just started playing online (using Fantasy Grounds), but I’d really like to play IRL as well.

I’ve played a lot of RPGs on the PC, and a lot of board games, but I’m a DnD newbie (unless you count the basic experience I got with previous editions from game series like Baldur’s Gate and Neverwinter Nights). I am very eager to learn however :slight_smile:

Other than the PHB, dice, and character sheets, should I bring anything else? Do I need a mini?

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I would suggest coming to Adventurers league. You could try dnd for yourself.


Like @Resil said, Adventure League is a good place to learn the game and meet people for a group. Its almost every friday. Here is the threat for this week: Friday is AL time
Have fun!


Hey hey, roll intimidation first please!