Forging Legacy of RPG Vienna Together: Ideas and Volunteers Wanted!


Want to help developing RPG Vienna community? Join our open discussion about the future of the community and share your ideas with us. RSVP if you plan to come & post your thoughs/ideas in the thread.
When: Sat July 22nd 15:00-18:00
Where: WoW keepers.

What is it all about?

Success of the Night of the Rolling Dice inspired conversations about what we could do to improve our TTRPG experience.

To move forward we would like to gather opinions from the community itself and see how many of us would like to volunteer.

Specifically would be great to discuss next interesting questions/ideas:

  • Do we need a some legal body (such as RPG Vienna Assiciation/Verein) to help us receive and distribute funds (e.g. to cover RPG Vienna website costs)? If so, what should it be and how should it operate?
  • Do we want our own place to play games and store equipment at some point?
  • Do we want to grow community? Should outreach games such as Night of the Rolling Dice be a regular event?
  • What about alternatives to D&D 5e? Are they properly represented?

Please RSVP if you plan to come and drop below your ideas/issues/dreams which you would like to discuss during the event.

I would like to volunteer - what can I do?

Without volunteers even best ideas will fissle out. If you would like to help us in any way - please post here or write me directly. I’ll make sure to inform you about further discussion/events.

Proposed Date & Location

I propose to meet on Saturday in July (22nd) at 15:00. This way we can chat for few hours and finish the meeting by having few drinks afterwards.
Location is still TBA – would really depend on number of participants. If you know good quiet location where 10-15 people can meet please let me know.

Looking forward meeting you all IRL and hear your ideas!

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I should have time and have put it in my calendar

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Awesome, looking forward :slight_smile:

I will do my best to be there!

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Would love to be there, but I’ll be coming back that afternoon. Not sure of what time we’re leaving, so a bit of a coin toss if I’ll make it or not.

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I could be there, maybe not the whole time

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I will try to come along, I may not be able to stay the whole time.

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I will try my best to be there too…

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will try to be there

… since the 22nd of July is a Saturday … no promises

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I will be there!

Some reading for those interested xD

Legal stuff for Vereinsgründung

Example what it would look like:
Statuten des Vereins 2019
Mitgliedsformular 2020/3
Hausordnung 8.2017

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This seems like a Neil question, not a we question, doesn’t it?

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Yes, for RPG Vienna, no for the rest.

For example if we collect donations during an outreach event - where should those go? And by we I mean organisers of such event.

My schedule should be sufficiently unmessed by then - looking forward!

Cookie jar is traditional? :slight_smile:

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And who is liable for said cookie jar? I run a Space Sim guild, with some 2k revenue a year xD We’ve been screwed over once, out of about 500$, by a trusted member, because we were all “Naw, we’re all friends and have gamed together for years. We trust each other!”

I’d rather not have the temptation of money just waving in the air. Sometimes, the intrusive thoughts win.

Without a Verein and some framework, I dont feel comfortable being in any position where I could even indirectly be responsible for any amount of money >.>


Second what Kaiser said. Also this thread is really for constructive ideas. Please take offtopic discussion to discord.

I’m interested! There’s something I’ve thinking about for a while that I’d love to discuss here:

I think it would be neat if there was a cafe-type place that carries terrain pieces that you can use within the venue for TTRPG sessions. Does anyone here know a business that would be interested in doing that?

Do you mean like a storage space for our minis/terrain/books etc?

you have to negotiate with the barowner(s)
advantage if you are a regular there

here is a list of DND friendly playces in Vienna we update from time to time

aside from that
you have a higher chance of storing stuff at WoWkeepers
that where the FR VALUE games take place nowaways
still you have to talk with them though