D&D beginners seeking for adventure

Hey there!
We are three guys who just ended our first D&D campaign. Unfortunately our group split but we really enjoyed playing. Are there any groups out there in Vienna which are looking for some players?

I recommend dropping by the Friday games at Cafe 1070 to meet new people :blush:

Thanks a lot!
At what time do you start?

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Heya! I’m based in Floridsdorf and I’m looking for a English group, I’ve never played before but I’m really interested in playing! Got any information about open spots or so? Thanks!

Hey folks! Absolute newbie here :wink: I’d love to join. Are there any open spots? What do I have to do?

I’m also fairly new to dnd and would love to join a new campaign.

Welcome to the difficulty of finding a DM xD There are games run at Cafe 1070 every Friday, its a good way to meet players and DMs. Currently I am all full for players for the Friday games, but there are multiple tables weekly that play, check the link below. Bring Dice, Pencils and a good Attitude xD If you have questions, come early (around 18:00) and there generally should be someone who can help.

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