DnD 5E @ 1070 - open games, no binding rules

So Adventure League Season 9 has officially started (well will start on 17th), as we haven’t decided yet how we will proceed, I propose doing open games for the heck of it.

Meeting place is Cafe 1070 @ burggasse 68, 1070 vienna

I will bring a level 1 adventure for up to 6 people of my own writing (i can squeeze in 7 if necessary). This means those who want to play at my table please announce so and bring a level 1 character, no restrictions except official released books please, if you want to roll for stats feel free to do so, this is going to be just for fun, characters most likely won’t be advanced further after this.

Anybody else who wants to dm a open game please announce it here too.
IF anybody wants to try their hands on AL season 9 feel free to do so, but don’t expect me to help you too much with the necessary conversions :stuck_out_tongue:

I hope i get to see at least a couple of you this friday :slight_smile:

Hello. What happens to our chars from last season? Will we be able to keep on playing them, or do we have to start at lvl1 with new league starting?

Hi! I’ve never been to AL, completely new here- can go to the open games on Friday?

New rules for conversion are available here http://dndadventurersleague.org/season-9-character-conversion-dm-rewards/ there seem to be a few low level rewards specifically tied to s9 adventures that you won’t get with a pre s9 character, but much less than originally proposed

For my character the conversion is actually awesome, as I just reached level 4, so I gain an additional level to 5 which should help in surviving T2 adventures, plus I can fill up my inventory with magic items I only unlocked but hadn’t bought so far.
But then of course there won’t be any T2 adventures for quite a while… unless the DMs come up with some other solution at their meeting.

Now, should I recreate my half-orc tank or try something different for S9?

Hi - I would like to join the open lvl 1 game
finally no restrictions :smiley:

@dschingiskarn You can keep your characters. There are some Season Limited Perks for Characters created in Season 9, but the perks are lost when Season 9 ends.

I’ll be there, can run LMoP for a group of up to 6. It is a module that lasts at least 6 sessions, so if possible, I would keep seats open for players who plan on participating several times over the next few weeks.

I would like to join. Convertion to season 9 is quite easy and I liked the result, too. With my tier 1 char I played already first session of LMoP. Also got a tier 2. if I know early enough i could bring a new char for an open game.

Coming. I will most likely DM the intro adventure for my campaign “Crystalline city”. It is tier 1 for lvl 1-4 characters. You can use your AL characters there.

@QuanChiNut yes you can come to the open games, that’s why they are open :smiley:
if you need help with character creation i’d advise you to come early though

if you want to join a specific one please say so in here

@Resil just keep in mind that AL characters can’t advance or get rewards during a non AL game or they can’t be considered AL anymore

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I will be coming with a T1 charakter as always XD

I’ll bring a level 1, but also T2 in case we do that as well.

Yup. Thats what I figured:)

I’ll be there and it seems there enough DMs, so I can play.

@Tersidian I’d like to play at your table, I bring a lvl 1 character.

The items i unlocked wont fit my build, so loosing the treasure points will be too bad for me :frowning:
So i will restart my lvl 2 char.
I plan to always come during the next few weeks and months, so an ongoing campaign would be nice. So i’d join your adventure if its tier 1. Otherwise any al game is fine. I just quickly want to leave the lvl1 area, so that the real fun starts.

I‘ll bring a T1 and just in case make a lvl 1 as well.

Quick Count so far:

Planned Games:

  • Prison Escape - Level 1- NonAL - DM: Tersidian
    ** Nepu
    ** joeder
  • Lost Mines of Phandelver - Tier 1 - AL - DM: Rayce_Kaiser
    ** dschingiskarn
  • Crystaline City - Tier 1 - NonAL - DM: Resil

Players who haven stated their intended game:

  • QuanChiNut (i assume you want to come)
  • PatrickD
  • UmbreonWarrior
  • CriticalMaxim
  • Khaine

so far that’s a total of 11 people (DMs included)

Hey guys!

I’ve played proper DnD once so i am a complete newbie but i am looking to get more into it and understand the deeper concepts of the game.

I have an idea of how to build a character, a story and what his motives and narrative are but since i am well a newbie i am not sure how to start with the building proccess.

If someone feels like helping out or if @Tersidian can help me out with creating a basic characte rtemplate i’d love to join and attend future games.


I would join with a T1 as well, but probably not the AL adventure considering I won’t be there next week.

if you come early this friday i can help you with a character for my oneshot, you should be able to learn the basics during that and be able to create future characters with less to no assistance

first of all though it always helps to have an idea what you would like your character to be able to do (no need to know it in game terms, just a general: “i’d like to throw around offensive spells”, “i want to steal stuff”, “i like to get my face smashed in”, or something along those lines)