Beginner lfg Pathfinder


my name is Edi, and I live and work in Vienna. I am an enthusiastic fan of classic rpg role playing games (well, even the less classic ones) on PC (my favourites being Arcanum, Fallout 1&2 and Dragon Age Origins). However, my interest for P&P always was rather high. I want to try Pathfinder in the first place, as in the long run I am planning a small private round with some of my friends (which are even bigger “noobs” than myself) - you know, quality time, going on an adventure and drink some beers.

As I am a quick learner, I am looking for a Pathfinder group, that will take a beginner like myself to learn the basics while having fun. I have read through the rules already, but I always preferred learning by doing. So if you are willing to give me a chance, it would be greatly appreciated. I am willing to play any setting, as for me it is about learning the mechanics of the game in the first place. Same goes for classes, although I do have a faible for more of the charming and witty supporters…

Best days for me would be weekdays from 6pm.

So, if you find that interesting, let me know.

That sounds like a job for @Thopthes

If he is busy, I can dust off my Pathfinder books and run a one shot when I come back in September…

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Unfortunately my group is full but if more people would be in on it I could run a oneshot @one of the Thursday Spielbar evenings.
However I have the feeling that this forum turned into D&D5EVienna, so I am not sure if we would find enough players.

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I am sure we could find a few people to play through a Pathfinder one shot. I’d be happy to play or DM one…

I might be able to get 1-3 additional beginners depending on tihe date (the guys i am planning to start my party with)… Again depends on the date…

i’d be interested in trying pathfinder (never played it), but i won’t be available for thursdays until at least september

I would be interested too, if players are needed :innocent:

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Me, too. Can I use Nimite?

Alright, if we’ve got so many people, then I’ll run a Pathfinder intro.

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That would be great!

Happy to fill another free spot should there still be one :grinning: Always wanted to try out Pathfinder.

I won’t be around next week, but I’d like to play an one-shot Pathfinder as well.

7 players so far, not counting BSBSTK’s friends. If you guys want to we could split it and I’d run it twice on different days (probably Thursdays), 10 players at one table usually means that people don’t get to shine as much as they deserve.

I would suggest September 7th as the first date. Next week probably wouldn’t work for me and I don’t wanna go AWOL last minute

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I can run another game, but it will have to wait another week until I come back on the 15th

7th would be nice for me, the week later works too, however it’s easier for everyone :grin:

I’m good with any plan. If Thopthes wants to run 2 groups, or if Simon wants to run one, either works for me. I’m happy to host the group I’m in, if you would prefer to not have it at Spielbar.

So do we hold on to the 7th? I’ll then ask my guys, if that’s ok for them.

IF there is a second group, I will join that one. I’m already in two groups, and too many people don’t have any group at all. I’m not going to take a spot which should go to an unhoused player. Plus @Simon might let me just play Nimite again (even if I have to restart her from Level 1), and I always liked Nimite best of all the characters I’ve made. She was a powerhouse with a bow.

Nimite Level 6 for 19.10.13.pdf (1.3 MB)

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I have never played Pathfinder but would be interested in learning the system if players are needed.

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I’ve created a doodle:

Since we have a couple of people asking to play I reckon that’s a good idea. That way we can find out who could make it when.

If you got any friends tagging along, maybe mention that in your name in the doodle, so we get a better picture.