Beginner lfg Pathfinder

I have entered my availability, but want to reiterate that I do not want to take a place in a game that would otherwise go to someone gameless. But I do like Pathfinder, since it still allows for cough skill monkeys.

i’m the same as siobhan here, as in i am available, i’d love to play, but if it would take a slot from someone who hasn’t got any steady games i will step aside

also would we create characters or would you bring us some pregens (for those that never played, as i assume character creation for first timers might take a while)?

I put in my stuff as well - keeping it like Siobhan and Tersidian.

@Siobhan I totally understand, why you like Nimite that much… she is awesome :smiley:

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yeah Nimite looks like someone good to have around :smiley: , but what language is “gnim”? :smiley:

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Similarly to Siobhan, Parsley and Tersidian, I’m ready to give my place to others.

I can always run another one shot so I don’t think anyone has to give up their spot.

We have 8 entries in the doodle, so I’d suggest that if any of you want to bring someone along let us know in this thread (with regard to the doodle dates - some of your friends might not make it on all dates I’d assume).

Let us know by tomorrow, then I will divide the groups. It’s probably gonna be 3 from the looks of it, I’d say.

Well, that didn’t work out at all.

BSBSTK, can you tell us how many friends you will bring along on which date? Otherwise we cannot really divide the groups.

Hi. If there is a space for me this thursday i’d like to join. :slight_smile:


sorry for the late reply, had to get all the guys availability infos. As it looks like now, there will only be one of them on the 28th, as their thursdays are rather tight (school just started and they are all teachers in one way or another) and they have to drive an hour to vienna.

But that shouldn’t be an issue as we have quite a few members anyway, according to the doodle, right?


I just want to divide the groups into teams of up to 5 players to make things easier. And if your friend can only make it on the 28th, I’d suggest the following schedule:

September 7th:
@Parsley /Bianca

September 28th:
@BUprof /Jason

I just counted the ones that made entries in the doodle. This leaves the 14th as a contingency.

If I forgot anybody, the schedule I posted contains a mistake or your schedule changes let us/me know!

I will prepare a one shot adventure that I’m gonna run for both groups. If you want to bring your own character send me a message - I’ll give you the character creation details; otherwise I will bring pregens.

BTW: It would be easier if the ones I don’t have a phone number of yet could send me their contact details (but not here on the public board of course)

Looking forward to both games!

Tersidian4d yeah Nimite looks like someone good to have around :smiley: , but what language is "gnim"? :smiley:

It’s Pathfinder for Gnomish.

I am almost 100% sure I still have a Level 1 Nimite somewhere. Or I’ll make a new rogue. Point creation and straight Pathfinder rules?

I figured out how to add attachments to the PM, so I’ll send them there.

i think i’ll take a pregen for the one shot, not sure if i’ve got the time to put into character creation this week :smiley:

Seems like Thursdays will not work for me at all in September so I have to pass :frowning_face:

The 7th and a pregen sounds fabulous for me - see you there and thanks for getting everything started @Thopthes! See you soon.

yeah, thanks for running these for us @Thopthes

I agree totally, thanks @Thopthes! See you guys on Thursday!

Yes, thank you, and thank you for putting up with odd questions at all hours of a Sunday!

Thanks for getting this organized. Pre-gen works for me.