AL Friday continues @ Spielbar this week

This week we’ll be @ Spielbar, after this week we’ll decide on the location for the next couple of sessions (poll has been posted here)

I will be running a long awaited Tier 2 Adventure to complete a trilogy we’ve started a long time ago, i’ll be running CCC-BLD-1-3 Bleeding Gate - Lineage

If @H finds the time to show up he has a reserved place for this adventure.

Per usual i’ll try to be there early around 18:00 in case anybody needs some help.
Also per usual please anounce if you plan to be there, if you plan to DM or play and what you’re going to bring (Tier of Adventure and/or Character)

See you there :slight_smile:

Im playing this week, cause I also want to finish the trilogy if possible.

I’m happy to join too! As it will be a T2 I will bring a 5th Lvl character (still deciding what class :slight_smile:)

just so you know Hamer, you can’t just create a level 5 character … that’s not allowed in Adventure League

Alles klar :blush:, then I’ll join just for the Ale, no play :grinning:

usually one of the other DMs will run a Tier1 table so you can take your freshly leveled fighter for a walk :slight_smile:


i will be there as a player

Wilhelm and I would also be interested to play at a T1 Table at Friday

@Hamer: I looked for “the wind and the Lion” It was released 1975, that was way before my time but it sounds interesting :slight_smile:

@Calderos I should have the DVD somewhere… If I find it I’ll bring it Friday

I’ll be there with a friend, both T1!

I’d like to play as a lvl1 barbarian
If necessary I could also try to dm for once, but please tell me in advance so I can prepare accordingly
(If someone could tell me where to get low lvl adventures or has a suggestion, that would also be great)

I’ll be there as a player; lvl8 or lvl1 depending on how the tables work out :slight_smile:

I think a tier 1 dm would be very appreciated this friday.

I plan to DM CCC-GLIP-01-02 - Beneath Glip-Dak (tier 1, levels 1-4).
We gonna hunt some of the ugliest creatures doing something really stupid underneath a somewhat evil hobgoblin city in icy cold winter.

@Nepu: Did your higher level character die?? :fearful:
For adventures you should check out the official D&D Adventurers League Player & DM Pack (free). It contains a list of the legal adventures and other useful info for both DMs and players.
On the website of the Dungeon Masters Guild you can find the individual adventures and reviews.

Im pretty sure he didnt)

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@mulog @Resil
No,no,no my bard is alive and well
I am just looking for something different this week :wink:

@mulog thanks for the suggestions, I will look into it

When the guy who has been most critical of Adventurers’ League gets a hand-delivered invitation, you know you’ve found a pretty cool group. Of course I’ll be there to finish what we started. Thanks.

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so far it looks like we have:

if there is no additional DM that means there is 1 Tier1 spot left and 3 Tier2 spots, at least if i didn’t put a player in the wrong list :smiley:

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I will take that tier 1 spot