Adventurer's League Location Poll

Alright, here’s the deal, we checked out Cafe Zehnsiebzig last friday (25th), most of us should know Spielbar by now as we have been there quite often, so here is a multiple choice poll: where do you want to continue playing Adventurer’s League, Spielbar? Cafe Zehnsiebzig? Some other location (if you choose this option please reply with the location you have in mind)? As “multiple” choice implies, you can choose more than one option :smiley:

  • Spielbar
  • Cafe Zehnsiebzig
  • Other

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Personally i’m fine with all options so far, Spielbar is a bit easier to reach for me, while Zehnsiebzig has more potential on the “being less noisy” part, especially once we tried out rearranging the setup a bit (maybe only have 2 groups in the back and 1 outside if we need 3, and other ideas @TomTom1070 already voiced)

As an alternative i would like to throw the option of “Weingut Feuerwehr Wagner” into the ring, it’s in 1190 Döbling, and i probably should be able to arrange the “party” room for us, but i do realize that it is far less central than the other 2 options of the poll

Döblinger seems nice and close to me))))))

Thanks for the gaming tonight! The marionette campaign was fun, although it was a shame to cut the session short with our Paladin impaled on a piece of timber after falling through a floor with 4 ghouls encroaching on him. I will have to live with that the next two weeks.

I also speak for the Cafe Zehnsiebzig team when I say it was a great evening for us; this is the sort of imaginative use we envisioned for the space. It was also a fun evening for me experiencing D&D for the first time with 6 others; also a big thanks to @Tersidian for having the patience to be our dungeon master.

At any rate, I hope a good time was had by all for all. You are happily invited back to the Zehnsiebzig any time :slight_smile:


so far it looks like we’ll continue AL in Cafe Zehnsiebzig starting at 8.2.2019

if @TomTom1070 could pencil us in for all fridays from then on, it would be much appreciated, i’ll talk with the staff of Spielbar this friday to cancel our ongoing reservation there

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Hey Tersidian!

Alright, you guys are in. Looking forward to hosting AL (as well as playing) and you guys have the back room booked on a repeating basis until you tell me otherwise.

Looking forward to continuing our campaign. See you next week!


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ausgezeichnet :slight_smile: