AL Friday continues @ Spielbar this week



I have to cancel for tonight, sorry
Have a fun evening everyone


unfortunately Wilhelm and I havel to cancel to for tonight. Sorry guys :frowning:


I will bring a +1 (the one and only @Wonderwonka) for tier 1


Ugh. Got sick. Real sick. Can’t come tonight. Sorry.


sorry you missed it, i believe it was a grand conclusion to the bloodgate trilogy, i hope you’ll get better soon though

also a quick question/info for everybody that set at the T1 table: there was an open bill of about 20€ for a couple of ciders and an enchelada, @Lup paid it and has the bill, so if anybody thinks or even better knows that that was them by accident, please contact @Lup to hopefully sort this out soonish, if you are a 100% sure that everything got paid (which we had happen before too) we also probably should try to sort it out with Spielbar, after all that’s quite a lot of money tbh

besides that i hope everybody had fun and i’m looking forward to see as many of you as possible (obviously also maybe limited by the amount of DMs we’ll have) next week @ Cafe Zehnsiebzig, post for that will go up soon (tomorrow evening by the latest)


Thanks to my players for a great session!

You unlocked the following story award:

The Bronze
Hrogar, a captain in The Bronze, is pleased with the
work you did for him. Your timely intervention has
allowed him to put an end to the rash or burglaries
in Glip Dak and allowed Hrogar to save face at the
same time.
In future adventures in Glip Dak, characters with
The Bronze story award will make any Charisma
checks with members of the Bronze in Glip Dak at

And you unlocked the following magical item:

Shield of Expression (2 treasure check points)
Armor (shield), common

The front of this shield is shaped in the likeness of a
face. While bearing the shield, you can use a bonus
action to alter the face’s expression.
This item can be found in Xanathar’s Guide to

The Bag of Holding you found is an evergreen item and thus always unlocked (8 treasure check points).
Let me know if you need further info on that.


@Tersidian my friend and I ordered 4 ciders and paid for 2 at the table and 2 at the bar but to separate staff members, so that may have caused some confusion? The waiter also spilled a 5th one and gave us the 1/3 drink left for free also!


thanks for clarifying that, that only leaves the enchilada then, obviously it’s up to @Lup as the one that paid to follow this through with spielbar (i can come with if you want though)


Hi ordered only bier, no food and I don’t remember somebody eating “enchilada”


So the exact things left unpaid at the T1 table were the 2 ciders (7,60) that we sorted now, one enchilada #8 (8,60) and one portion of tacos (4,40). It was €20,60 total, which I paid. I’m going away on holiday for a week tomorrow, so can’t sort it at the moment (also, honestly? I am terrified of any and all confrontation and would rather die than interact with the staff there again).

Since we won’t really be going back there anyway, I’m not massively desperate to pursue it. If anyone realises they had tacos and or an enchilada and forgot to pay (which is fine) and they want to give me the money back I’d appreciate it, but I’ll survive with or without. I really like hanging out with you guys and I don’t mind picking up the slack sometimes.


I had the enchilada but i defenitly payed becaus we payed when we got our stuff he probably just forgot to remove it


@Lup my friend and I also had tacos but paid for those at the bar too


I was ther now and talked with them so thy gave the money back becaus i already payed

@Lup will you be there next week?


Yeah I’ll pay you for the tacos and ciders next week too @Lup!


Like I said I’ll be away on holiday until Friday night so I won’t be there next time, although I’ll see @rene on Saturday. Either way, I appreciate it :slight_smile:


A couple weeks ago when they had the blackout we had a similar experience with our table - they charged us at the table and then forgot that we paid and tried to charge us again. We had them strike it but it took some effort. Place is a bit of a mess when it comes to this kind of stuff :smiley:


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