AL @ 1070, is there no end to this senseless deaths? of course not!



I think we will be happily waiting for you?


Halforc buddies yeeeey


I’m afraid I won’t be coming, as i have now way more to do than i thought i would :sweat_smile:.
Next time though.


Of course! @PlusOneNico, awesome that you can come!

I adjusted the adventure a little bit so now it totally fits into the story line.
So anyone who has played a DDEX2-XX adventure with me will get preference at my table.


thanks guys i’ll do my utmost to step of the wind through vienna in an attempt at punctuality!


I’d come as well with either my T2 sorcerer or a new T1.


I’d like to join with my lvl 3 Rogue. I’ll try to be there a bit early, since I still have a few questions about the roguish archetypes ^^


So ehm, stupid question. How do I find you guys at the Café? :sweat_smile:
I would be there at 18:00 so someone experienced could check out my character and if I made mistakes


we’re easy to find, just go through to the back :smiley:


Please no stress! Calm emotions!


I guess take whatever is purrrfect for you :smiley_cat:


Hello everybody!

I am thinking about checking out the AL tables of tonight.
For this I would bring a lvl 1 char.
I’m totally new to AL games, so is it enough if I show up about 18:30 - 19:00?


If you have experience playing DnD you will be totally fine if you haven’t Maybe try to make 18:30 so someone can tell you the ropes before we begin


If I am not mistaken that pushes us to 33 people which would require a 5th table!
@Resil any chance you can DM something? :flushed:


No chance, I dont have my I pad with me


If we are currently too many, I am fine with joining AL another time, maybe when I have time to prepare an adventure myself


I could maybe speed-read through the second part of what I DMed last time? Would be T1. But I would need players who can graciously ignore me fumbling through my PDF…


Or you could simple re-run the same adventure that you did last time, if that’s not to boring?
It is just as a back up. With so many people it is quite likely that somebody won’t show up.
On the other hand it would be a shame to turn somebody away imho… Maybe @Tersidian is fine with DMing for 8 people again…
As always: No stress, no pressure. This is all just for fun :heart:


True, I hadn’t even thought of that :slight_smile: we’ll see who shows up!


Soo, turns out I am free and will bring along my T2 character to join the ToA table…not sure what the count is. @rene maybe we could use use the back room this time?