AL @ 1070, is there no end to this senseless deaths? of course not!



I’ll be there, I have a T1 and a T2 character :slight_smile:


I’ll come with a T1 (level 2) ranger, happy to play at any table :grin:


I’ll be there with another T1 lvl 2 Ranger :slight_smile:


I will be there


Hi everybody,

I would also like to join if there is some space for me. I would bring my first DnD character ever :slight_smile: So level 1. I would come a little bit earlier, so I can talk with somebody if I did the character creation correctly.

Looking forward to Friday :smile:


Hi and welcome!

There is plenty of space!


I’ll be there, tier 2 Ranger, ToA if possible


I’ll come with T1


I will be joining for toa t2 lvl 7 cleric.
or a tier 1 character if need be


Hello at all,

I’m new here, but I play rpg (D&D, Pathfinder, Dungeon World) for nearly 1 1/2 years.
A friend of mine and I would join today, if you have some place for us.
Do we have to register for the meeting tomorrow?
Both of us would play T1.
Thank’s for your help :slight_smile:


well assume yourself signed up for tomorrow :smiley:


I’m also new to Adventurers League, but played Tabletop-RPGs for a while now.
Me and a friend of mine, who is new to AL as well, would like to join tomorrow. We’ll be there a little earlier, if we need help regarding the AL rules, and to put our character concepts to paper.


Hi there!

After not being able to attend a Single Session since about November, I’ll finally be available again tomorrow!
My character’s T1.
See all of you tomorrow!


I’m new to DnD and would really like to give it a try (been thinking about it for months)! I’ve finally mustered the courage to pick up my hammer and venture towards the fabled realm of the AL =)
As instructed, i shall arrive early (at 18.00). Would be great if someone could give me a hand in bringing one of my character concepts to life!

Cheers, Andy


I think will be early as well so we can split up a bit and not have EVERYONE sit around poor @Tersidian :wink:


Will be there T1 character :v:


Ill most likely will be there with a t1 or a t2 character.


at the moment i count 30 people (including DMs), @rene, @Toni, @mulog and myself will DM i assume :slight_smile:


Unless something changes on the players side, I will DM.

@Tersidian Can you please check that we have enough space for that many players? My table was at its natural limit with 5 players+DM.


So uhm… looks like I have a free friday despite previous plans. yall still got a free space? I’ll be late again though since my work finishes at 19:00 and it takes me 20-30 minutes to get to 1070… if that’s too much of a bother I get it and I will suffer in silence and go home and roll some dice just on my lonesome like the sad addict I am but anyway what I’m getting at is that I don’t want to inconvenience anyone soooo I lost track of what I was gonna say.

I would bring a T1 lvl4 cleric.