AL @ 1070, is there no end to this senseless deaths? of course not!



Seems like I won’t be able to come after all, unfortunately.


I missed th train so will be there around 1845 maybey someone readys the the usual tabel so we can start faster the map is in the staff room net to the washingmaschien


i napped, and just woke up, will be there within the next ~30 minutes i guess


I will be even later becaus of a demo


Coming around 19.20


Same here. Should be there around 8 o’clock tomorrow morning


I‘m running late unfortunately. Both my trams are affected, so I hope I get there by 19:15. Sorry for that.


Running abit late, fell asleep in the metro


Thanks once more to all of our amazing DMs for making these evenings possible! And to all players for filling the worlds the DMs give us with colorful and entertaining characters!


To echo the above, thanks for a supremely enjoyable session, even if I prepared it on very short notice! I think it went pretty smoothly. Thanks for being kind to an inexperienced baby DM, and I hope to provide more Oscar-worthy ooze impressions in the future [slurp slurp] :heart:


The session was very much fun for me. Thank you @mulog and other players for a memorable game,)


Thanks again to my wonderful players! Here is the magical item you unlocked:

Ring of Water Walking (16 TP)

Ring, uncommon

While wearing this ring, you can stand on and move across any liquid surface as if it were solid ground.

@Tersidian I got so close! @Resil was on 2 failed death saves and an Intelect Devourer (thanks @rene for the awesome mini!) was on it‘s way to finish him off. But we had 3 healers in the party… Anyway I took the battle map, Volo‘s and the Intelect Devourer mini and will bring all that to the next session.

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