Adventurer's League Friday @ Cafe Zehnsiebzig

We’ll try out a new location this time, we have 2 tables in a seperate room reserved for us @ Cafe Zehnsiebzig (Burggasse 68). any additional info can be found in this thread

i plan to be there around 18:00, games are planned to start between 19:00 and 19:30, we can’t stay longer than midnight so we’ll see if we can manage to keep our adventure’s a bit shorter than we usual do :smiley:

i will have something prepared to run (probably T1, maybe T1-2, depending on what others have prepared), wouldn’t mind playing obviously (either level 5 wizard or one of my level 1s)

per usual please announce wether you plan to come and if you’d be willing to DM what Tier of adventure you’d prepare, otherwise what Tier of character you’ll be bringing.

Quick reminder for those new to Adventurer’s League, your character has to start at level 1.

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Well for me its the usual schtick. I think Ill either p,ay or DM Dungeon of the mad mage.

I am in too, with my 1st lvl fighter, who started yesterday.

would love to come again but i cant this week :slightly_frowning_face:

I will be coming and I can DM (tier 1 or 2, depending on the crowd but I need to know in advance, won’t have both prepared) :blush:

Looking forward to check out the new location!

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Tier 2 tier 2!!!)))


i will be there as a player

+2 New players, complete beginners, will try to be there around 18:00-18:30

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I’ll be there - lvl8 or lvl1 depending on what’s needed. I agree with Paul though, it would be amazing to continue Blue Scales @mulog :smiley:

+1 extra player, experienced, so 3 in total, and all new characters, looking forward to friday :slight_smile:

ok so is that 3 including you or you + 3 more?

3 in total, me +2 others

I’d like to play this time, haven’t played for some time. I have a Tier 1 character (level 3), but I could spend my DM rewards to bring him up to Tier 2 (level 5) if necessary :slight_smile:

so far we have 4 T1 and 3 T2 players, so a couple more T2 would be appreciated i think, but don’t feel forced to do it, rather do it if you want to

as you know, I would like to be involved. Dont really understand how adventurers league works, but I think you can explain a bit to me via discord :wink:

sure just write me :smiley:

@Tersidian do you prefer to DM tier 1 or 2? I don’t mind…

Looks like we gonna have a tier 1 and a tier 2 table.

@Lup: Unfortunately there is no other tier 2 adventure in that setting, only tier 1. But if I’ll have the honour to DM for you again, I will make sure to find something that is at least equally nice. :wink:

@vic: about levling up: Afaik, you can also use downtime to go from level 4 to 5 afaik (“catch-up”). Maybe that is more cost effective than just spending your DM rewards. You’ll still need them to go from level 3 to 4 though.

@Torencresent will you be joining us this week already? Do you want to DM? (Just in case you don’t know who I am: In a different life I am a little girl with a large hammer :wink:).


Ah, yes, great idea, thanks!

@mulog I will be joining this week at the new location. Not really sure if adventurers league will be more me, as I usually want a more character driven campaign with lots of talking in between the dungeons and such, but we will see. As for DMing… Im already DMing 3 full campaigns… no thank you.

I’ll be there with a tier 1 character