Adventurer's League Friday @ Cafe Zehnsiebzig



i think i’ll continue with the next chapter of the season 4 adventures, which is a T1


Awesome, I just found a tier 2 adventure that looks like a lot of fun: CCC-TRI-03 - Fences and Swords. So I will be running that.

@Lup: At least we can stay in the region of the Moonsea. This adventure is role-play heavy so perfect for your bard and @Resil can show off his excellent pirate accent since you guys will be hunting pirates!


Oooh sounds amazing! Looking forward to it :smiley:


I knew my ranger’s sailor background and coast favourite terrain would come in handy some day!


Hey guys, it looks like me & my tier-1 druid will be joining you this friday. :smiley:


it’s starting to look like we’ll need a 3rd DM with another Tier1 Adventure


Then maybe if mulog didnt yet prepare tier 2 i will dm tier 2 and he will tier 1?


Edit: I count only 2 potential tier 2 players if @Resil DMs: @Lup and @vic.

Sure, I can prepare something for tier 1 and I am happy to take the new players. I will be looking for something beginner friendly like “treasure of the broken hoard”…

Sorry, @vic & @Lup, the pirates will have to wait. We can try to run it next week.


I will come as a Tier 2 Player, if we get enough people xD
Let’s hope so


Rene is also tier 2, so we could have 4 players with @Nepu, potentially 5 with @Resil (but we might need him to DM something)


(either way I’m also happy to bring my lvl1 cleric)


Hi Guys.

Would you accept 2 absolute beginners to your gameday this friday? My Buddy and I was always interested in D&D but never had the chance to play it as pen & paper game. so we don’t have a prepared game character or any game experience, but we would love to development us with your guidance.


sure, just try to be there a bit early, we can either try to create characters together or you can take one of my offered pregens :slight_smile:

also 4 T2 players with @Resil as DM sounds like a solid table imho


Thx Tersidian. Your said you will be there at 6 pm so my buddy and i try to show up at the same time


I’ll be there, lvl 3 Ranger


Awesome. It looks like everything is coming together nicely.
I plan on running the tier 1 adventure CCC-GLIP-01-01 Glip Dak

I will try to be there as early as possible.


I don’t know yet I have a metric buttload of tasks to finish up for this week and don’t know when I’m done on friday. But I’ll try to at least drop by and say hi. I hope I can update this tomorrow when I know more.


Good luck with your work! It would be great if you could come along.
Since we have 3 DMs by the looks of it, there should be seat for you at one of the tables.


Do we have space for one more T1?


i think so yes, but it’s getting close to being 2 full T1 groups now :slight_smile: (if i didn’t miscount we should be at 2 T1 tables 6 players each not counting you and 1 T2 table with 4 players)