Adventurer's League Friday @ Cafe Zehnsiebzig



i know i just read the message above but could i still join. as a tier 1 character a lvl 2 cleric.


Seems I won’t be able to make it after all. Have fun everyone!


I also wont be able to make it this week after all :frowning:


Thank you all for a fun session filled with order, chaos and deciet)


thanks for the enthusiastic new players making this a very memorable session for me :slight_smile:


Thanks Tersidian. We had a great night yesterday. Hope to see you guys soon.


Thanks for a very fun session! You unlocked the following magical item:

Arrk’s Greatsword (+1 Greatsword) [16 treasure checkpoints]
Weapon (greatsword), uncommon
You have a +1 bonus to attack and damage rolls
made with this magic weapon.
Arrk was a troll mercenary known for his
brutality, loyalty, and reliability. He worked
throughout the Moonsea region and was infamous
for carrying an enchanted greatsword that dripped
blood whenever it was unsheathed, which Arrk
would lick when he was bored or annoyed.
Arrk vanished decades ago while exploring
ancient rune in the Troll Hills of Thar. His sword was
recovered not long after the founding of Glip Dak.
While the sword could once store and release
powerful spells, something unusual is now stored
within and refuses to be released.
The greatsword has a long, rune covered blade
that drips blood whenever the sword is unsheathed.
The wide blade is decorated with Netherese runes,
and the handle is wrapped in basilisk hide. A large
gem pulses at the center of the cross guard.
This item can be found in the Dungeon Master’s

And you received this story award:

Vadd Narkoz
Guard Captain Hrogar invites you to a private
ceremony within the central hall of Glip Dak, a
massive Netherese building of exotic stone. There he
and other officers thank you for your service and
discretion, awarding you Vadd Narkoz, “Strong
Warrior,” in this private proclamation. The
hobgoblins of Glip Dak acknowledge you as a worthy
and trusted ally.
For future Glip Dak modules, the adventurer has
advantage on Charisma checks when interacting
with Kroth Magg soldiers and guards.


A big Thank You to you @Tersidian for running the Curse of Strahd so well :smile:


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