New Cafe, looking to host a group

Hi All!

I’m Tom, the owner of the (still pretty young) Cafe Zehnsiebzig (Burggasse 68).

We would like to host a group once a week.

We have a pretty cool separate room with oak tables that we already use for nerding out with board games and video games (I myself being a huge Catan and GoT board game fan, with a closeted interest in D&D)

Let me know if that would be interesting for anybody. The room is easily spacious enough for a group of 10 people (with maximum capacity being 25) and I would be happy to host some of you to keep things in line with my “vision” of the cafe.

Also, if you all know any groups I could write to, also please let me know :slight_smile:

All the best and happy hunting!


you don’t happen to have a menu in digital form to take a peek at?

considering spielbar is getting louder every week (or at least that’s my impression), i’d be willing to try doing adventurer league at your cafe once to check it out :smiley:

also a link to your homepage (if you’ve got one) and maybe a phone number so we can call to reserve the room in advance would be useful i think :slight_smile:

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Hello There Tersidian!

The “website” is as follows (we’re still new enough that we don’t have our own website yet):

Not any pictures doing the back gaming/events room glory, but I’ll try to snap a few when I’m there later.

The menu can be found here:

It has a long of organic stuff and reasonably priced beer. Also, all of our brunch stuff is available (and also not so bad in the evenings). We have a smaller menu at the moment and are concentrating on quality, but it’s growing steadily.

The phone number for the cafe is here, but I will also PM you normal number and you can write me there anytime: 0664 3268384

Also, we close around 11 typically, but can stay open till 12 or so for “geschlossenegesellschaft”. Also, I don’t the noise will be a problem in the gaming/events room – it’s really a cool spot and also has curtains :slight_smile: We could host you as soon as this weekend if you would like. I leave on Saturday for one week of much needed holiday, but I would like to be there the first time you all try it out – I think it’s a good fit and would be happy to have you all!


Ok, so can’t seem to find a PM function here, so my personal is at ----- let me know when you’ve written it down so I can remove it from public domain :wink:


got it, thanks

Great, and by the way we have good availability on Thursdays/Fridays/Saturdays at the moment (Tues/Wed tends to be a bit tricky)

Also, here are some photos I dug up (the one of the gaming/event room is a bit dated and is much comfier now with curtains and a carpet). Let me know if you want to come by at any point to have a look



looks nice, we’ll probably try a friday once you’re back from your vacation, my best guess would be that we will need 2 tables though, with up to 8 seats each (Adventure League puts limits on the table size)

I was thinking about last friday in january, so the 25th
btw how bad is the parking situation near the cafe?

besides that the one “problem” i see would be the opening time, but it probably would be good for us if we have a harder limit for the endtime, because now we tend to run late from time to time, which makes it hard for some of the players :smiley:

Hi Tom! :slight_smile:

@Tersidian , this is the guy I mentioned last Friday, and I think the Zehnsiebzig would be a great location for us (aside from being super convenient for me personally). I usually manage to get a parking spot somewhere on the Burggasse when I drive there, but I would be lying if I said the situation was fantastic. Easy to reach publically though.

I’d love to try it.

Hey there H, glad I found you all :smiley:

The 25th works and we can already pencil it in

The private gaming/event room is also free this Friday (the 11th), which would also be fun for me if you all want to come already (I will personally here on the 11th, gone on the 18th, then back again after the 19th).

Regarding the tables, we can put two of our oak tables together to make one measuring 140x140, which is perfect for 8 people. We can easily fit 2 of these 140x140 tables in the back room and I think you’ll really dig the space – it’s very cozy, and we can also draw the curtains for more privacy


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could we please pencil in the 25th already (i can call too if that’s better, but i’m lazy! :smiley:)
this weeks friday and next weeks i’d like to stay with spielbar, gives me the possibility to cancel the reservation for the 25th in person
and after the 25th we’ll just have to see which location people prefer, if your cafe is as quiet as it looks like on the pictures i’m pretty sure i can get other people to come to AL that don’t like the noise at Spielbar but would love to play AL :smiley:

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Ok, you all are in the book for January 25th. What time and till when, and also roughly how many people? Also, one caveat is that the tables just need to be put back as they were once you all are done (house rules since it’s not possible to move the oak tables around as a single person)

We can put two tables as discussed, but a third is possible in the future as a fallback. I think it’s a good space for AL and I like the variety it brings to the space. I also spoke with the team at our meeting about it Wednesday and they’re generally all for it – it’s more “our kind” of event :wink:

Best and looking forward,

i would estimate roughly 10-14 people, first arrivals probably around 18:00 (me) and departure at around midnight if it’s not too much of a hassle for you and your team

Was a fun session and a great use for the space – I enjoyed playing with you all and I’m looking forward to the next one!

If anyone else is looking for a fun new home for their table, hit us up :slight_smile: