3rd level druid looking for a group to join (and learn from/with)!

I’d love to find a group to play with regularly. I live in the 20th but am happy to travel.

I have little experience but a lot of enthusiasm :slight_smile:

Hi there and welcome to the forum.

If we weren’t still limited by the social distancing measures (ie. only 4 people to a table and 23:00 closing time) I would have recommended for you to check out the friday/thurday games in Cafe1070 and Spielbar respectively. Those are always great for playing a couple of laid back Oneshots/shot Adventures (and sometimes even entire Modules), meeting people and finding ongoing or new campaigns to join.
But it looks like it might still take a bit until those are back to the regularity at which they used to be happening.

In the meantime it looks like online sessions are the way to go if you want to start playing right away.

Personally I know of two projects/campains organized by people on the forum (that aren’t already maxed out on players :D). If I am forgetting someone I’m sure the others will let both of us know.

There is Cat’s DM lab --> Afaik he is using this opportunity to try out a lot of different fun DM-ing ideas in a Oneshot format.
Cat's DM Lab #1 (link to his post)

And then there is my own campaign. Sandy, deserty, steampunky.
RPGs online - One of everything please! (link to my post)

Other that that I believe there are also semi-open campaigns on sites like roll20 (but I really don’t know that for sure) and sometimes a DM will come by these here parts and look for adventurers. (so if you are willing to wait that would also be an option)

Let’s see… anything else?

Ah yes: Sometimes it is also a good idea to look through old forum posts for fellow searchers. So far I’ve seen quite a few games started from individual players who were all looking for a group to play with and ended up starting their own.

Best of luck!



Thanks for all the tips! I will check them out (: I’m looking forward to making some new D&D friends.