Cat's DM Lab #1

What the hell is this?

This is Cat’s DM Lab. Where I will be carrying out OneShot experiments to gain insight on what does and doesn’t work in DMing. These experiments can be a slight rule change or be something that undermines the whole system!

If you are interested in messing around and trying new things this is the place for you.

All experiments are unofficially sponsored by Dr.Zarsion™

How does it work?

1. You join the Discord

2. You vote on Modifiers / I pick one

At the start we will most likely only play with one modifier to get my feet wet. Sometimes I will let you vote, sometimes I just don’t feel up to it.

Examples of a modifiers:

“Totally Prepared” - The Plot, The Characters and the npcs are randomly generated. Will we find meaning in this entropy?"
“Heavy Larper” - You NEVER leave roleplay unless to describe your characters body movements or to make a check.
“Fury of the small” - PCs are only allowed to play small characters

3. We play!

Can I suggest something?


Nah, just kidding of course you can.

So what is your planned schedule?

A what now? These will be pretty random and mostly based on my impulses. But most likely 7-8pm at least once a week.

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