RPGs online - One of everything please!

Hi guys.

As it is still unclear when any of us can start meeting in person again for the friday games I have been working on my own little online games.

If some of you are itching to go back out there and return to the world of DnD, CoC or even some simpler Oneshot-Type Systems like Everyone is John or Goblin Quest, even if it is in a virtual way… I have an offer for you.

The DnD portion would entail a campain (presumably quite story/RP-heavy just to warn you guys) in my own, very new setting of Do’Ranin - The heart of the desert.
Because I want to figure out some of the finer details during play I’m gonna keep the description fairly brief:
The sun is still beating down as the sifter finally makes his way back into the city, sand and dust still drying out his mouth. ‘Quite a haul this time.’ he thinks to himself while absent-mindedly side-stepping an automaton heading in the opposite direction ‘I just hope Ol’ Barney doesn’t break down on me.’
A spectral shape tries to stop him, asking if she can be of assistance, but he quickly waves her offer away, instead making his way up the long rope bridge connecting the upper parts of Do’Ranin with the ground and each other. As he climbs he can’t help but stop for a moment and take in the view stretching out in front of him. The crisscrossing alleys and roads bustling with all sorts of creatures, the sandstone walls keeping them contained and the lush green of the jungle just on their other side… slowly fading and giving way for the yellow sands of the desert, a plume of dust rising from a dark spec between two dunes.
Chuckling to himself he thinks ‘Looks like Zara is being ambitious again’ before setting out on his path once again.
I want to limit myself to 5 to 6 players… sooooo … first come first serve.

The CoC-stuff would encompass 2 Oneshots I wrote. Both of them rooted in actual historical facts. Basically you start out with real historical situations and then through your actions create an alternate history scenario. No prior knowledge of System or lore required! If you are hoping for classic lovecraftian horrors these might not be the stories for you, but if you would like to pretend to live in 1920s London or New Orleans for a few hours, you are in the right place.
With these games I won’t restrict the number of players that can join up (I will just run the adventures more than once if there is enough interest for them)

As to the Oneshot-Systems… they are pretty much just spontaneous stuff I would like to try out at some point, so if there are other people interested --> awesome.

Anyway tl;dr:
Here is the link to a little discord server I set up for this purpose, if you are interested, just drop on by :smile:

(If you have any questions feel free to ask them here or directly on the discord-server)

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