Would you V.A.L.U.E a game?

Hey all, idk about you guys but I’m itching to DM again. So here is a post to test and gauge interest if people would be up for a classic Friday game again ^^

Since closing times are around 22:00 now and dnd sessions tend to take their good chunk of time I would attempt to start at 18:00 this time but let me know if you can’t make that but would still like to come.

I can offer a T1, T2 adventure and possibly t3 but that one is uncertain.

If you are a new player check these links at the bottom and I hope to see you this Friday :smile:

V.A.L.U.E. rules for new players

Item unlocks and their tcp cost can be found here.

Discord for questions and stuff

Id totally be down to play again ^^

I would love to, but I don’t have time 4 it ! Maybe next week! I wish all who join you a great game!

I would love to play again too. Unfortunately I don’t have time this friday, as I already have a different session. But if V-A.L.U.E. games are now up again, I will try to keep my friday evenings free :slight_smile:

I too would love to get back to VALUE games. 1800 start is tricky for me, I usually only finish at work then.

Just to suggest the idea of a 2-wave startup; those who can get going at 1800 to maximise the time and those who must start at 1900 can do that, even if a shorter night.

That seems doable for me at least

Like some of the others I’m also willing to join again but no this Friday. Also isn‘t the number of persons per table indoor very limited at the moment or got it increased in between (sorry lost track) ?


-> here is an english version (BRLT)

-> and another one (WKO)

From June 10, 2021, the group of visitors can include a maximum of 8 adults in the indoor area and a maximum of 16 adults in the outdoor area, plus minors in each case. The curfew will then be extended to midnight and a minimum distance of one meter is sufficient between the groups of visitors.

so you have to give it a bit more time^^

I’ll also be up for it, not this week but after the 10th it will be possible.

I miss playing with you beautiful people but sadly can’t at the moment for 2 reasons:

  1. Got a fixed group on Friday that I play with for a long term campaign
  2. Sometimes I get to do an extra shift at work for Friday night (cuz it gets busy during weekend obv)

So only way for me to join is to have no work and my fixed group for whatever reason can’t. But I’d love to know that the Friday games are back so I can pop in when I can for a oneshot or another.

Hey everyone, count me in! Any tier is fine for me :slight_smile: is there still an open slot?

Hey there is only 2 people that are able to come so sadly it won’t be taking place this week

:frowning: ah well perhaps next week. I’ll still keep an eye on the thread in case more ppl join in after all!

Hey, I’d be down tonight. Is this happening? :smiley:

Hey Barbara, welcome to the forum!
If we are playing tonight depends on whether @cat4laugh is DMing; now we are 3 ppl who are up for some dnd tonight, so changes are improving! :smiley:

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I can technically dm for 3 people but not on such a short notice. Sorry guys

No worries I understand :slight_smile: well, now I know this forum exists so I’ll check it now and again :smiley:

Yeah it really is short notice. Well next week then perhaps :slight_smile:

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