Would you be interested in a discord server?

I have been searching the forum to make sure it hasn’t been asked before, but it seems like nobody has!

I was wondering if anyone would be interested in a discord server to exchange character ideas, lurk, help each other, or to simply hang out in. I would be willing to create one and moderate it too since I have a lot of time on my hands atm.

Then again the real question is if you would be interested in the first place. If so please reply here. :slight_smile:


Sure thing!:slight_smile: A discord server for the forum is a great Idea!

Just decided to create it on a whim: https://discord.gg/htzaKth

If not enough people join after a week or so then I can still shut it down again


Very nice!

I actually set one up about 2 years ago as a few of us played a roll20 game and used Discord for voice.
it was never used further than that though.

Thanks for the PM too, I’m definitely interested in setting up a bot to sync between Discord and here. I’ll see what I can do!

What I’d like to see is an ‘Official Discord server!’ post that I can sticky. in it, we can have a short introduction on what Discord actually is and a link to the server. If someone’s interested in doing it, go ahead

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In case anybody here might be interested in a play by post game, we currently are setting up one on this discord, the game will be situated in my personal campaign setting and might affect the “normal” campaign i’m running there

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