New Player looking for any form of playing D&D

Hey role-playing friends :slight_smile:

My name is Sean and I would love to actually play D&D after following a first curiosity 2 years ago trough Critical Role and now kinda finding myself still watching and wanting to role-play. I’ve played some Shadowrun a few years ago but that’s my only pen&paper experience so far. That was in another city though, so i don’t know anyone in Vienna willing to play with or teach me, but i found this lovely forum a while ago and now I found the courage to post (maybe even as an introvert, all this isolation is too much ;))
Anyway i guess I’m just looking for anything: a group to play with, an experienced player or just people to talk to, to learn the ropes and get started with a group eventually, but no pressure :wink:

PS: So far what i read about adventurer league sounds like a good point to start, but heavily battle-focused, which seems nice to get started, but also easy enough to read up yourself and I’m more interested in a longer role-playing campaign.

Greetings, Sean

Hey welcome to the community :slight_smile:

We have regular open games on friday (we call it V.A.L.U.E.) at cafe 1070 which will probably start picking up speed again this or next friday (considering restaurant restrictions have been lessened)

We have a discord server (or well a couple if we count the experimental and campaign/dm focused ones that were posted on here, but I’ll leave you to search the threads for those yourself :stuck_out_tongue: ) that also has play-by-post game(s) running.

There are always a couple of people looking to start campaigns, but rather often there is a lack of DMs to accomodate everybody, still worth a try to join in one of those threads.

If you’ve got any questions feel free to ask, be it here, on the discord or in private messages :slight_smile:


Hey Sean!

In the past week, @Schnitzl, @Strobi and myself were also looking for a group. I can only talk for myself but, as far as I know, we are all beginners in the tabletop RPG world but would like to enter it :slight_smile:
Maybe we could try to create a group and potentially find someone to DM (which, I guess, may be a bit more complex ^^) ?

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Thanks Tersidian :slight_smile: i will come to a V.A.L.U.E. evening for sure, but i obviously have a bit more reading to do before i understand enough :stuck_out_tongue:
I guess my (now) most important question would be what you recommend to read? I think 5e is probably most common, right? So do i get all the information i need from a player’s handbook, create a character and am ready to show up?

Hey Reso :slight_smile:
Sounds good to me! I think learning about the rules also could be more fun together, than just me, my laptop and a bunch of numbers :wink: I might be interested in DM’ing sometime, but figure playing a bit first might be smart^^ I also have enough space at home to accommodate a few people

V.A.L.U.E. is D&D 5. Edition only, there are some additional restrictions which can be found here, but in general the PHB (Players HandBook) is enough to start with.

For any other systems that might come up (usually on open game thursdays in Spielbar) nearly nobody knows the rules beforehand most of the time and the DM will just explain what is necessary :slight_smile:

So do you think it’s Smart for the three absolute noobs of us to just show up tomorrow at Spielbar and hope to be able to join even if we’ve no clue what to do?

i don’t think anybody has announced any games for tomorrow, there usually will be a seperate thread for each specific open game day (like the one @cat4laugh made for this friday)

Thank you @Enkidu for setting up this thread! Thanks @Reso for trying to get something going.
So to sum up from what I understood so far:
@Enkidu, @Reso, @Strobi and I would be up for a new round / campaign for beginners.
The offers of @Tersidian also sound intriguing :thinking:
What I can offer: I have played enough to be able to give you all an intro, explain the rules, create characters and run a campaign as a DM. I am a strong believer that it is easier to learn things, when you can apply them directly. For that reason I would suggest the campaign “The lost mines of Phandelver” since I read into that already and have the required materials - it is a specifically designed as “starters campaign”. I have ran it with friends already but only for one session and then the group fell a bit inactive, because our works schedules made finding common time harder…
So in my opinion we have everything necessary to start. There might be some things I don’t completely get yet, like magic, but those things can be learned during the process.
The only concern I have is, that I always have a lot of things going on, so I would only be able to run a session every 2 - 3 weeks, but if that is OK with you, I’d love to get started :grin: - maybe at @Enkidu’s place?

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Hey! Sounds super fine for me!
right now i am pretty flexible when it comes to time but also when it come to where to meet.
I moved to vienna from berlin, pretty much everything feels close for me now! :smiley:
So do you think we can try to meet up soon? Is there anything you recogment i should/could do for preperation?
@Enkidu wheres your place roughly?

I would love to join you if there is a free space :slight_smile: maybe we could make a whatsapp group to organise a meet up?

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I’ll make a group, if anyone wants to be included, send me your number!

I would recommend not to post your number online :wink:

Noted :wink:

Hi everyone and sorry for the late reply !

Actually I find the plan of @Schnitzl very appealing and I would be interested in being part of it :wink:
If @sarahlovespandas or anyone else finds a good way for us to create a group chat and/or to organise an in-person meeting, please let me know ! :blush:

Edit: I have removed the link as our party is full (:

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Hi everyone! :smiley:
I’m happy my post found such a great reception :slight_smile:
Joined the group now, thanks for creating a better form of communication sarahlovespandas! (who doesn’t though :stuck_out_tongue: )

Hi everbody,
If you like to further connect lets meet next Friday and try to restart our open DnD nights. If you plan to come please indicate that briefly in the post: Open D&D on Friday @1070