Who is up for a 5e game this Tuesday?


This week I won’t be able to attend friday meetup but I need my weekly DnD so if anyone wants to meet for a short adventure this tusday I would be very happy.
We can met in my place in Spitelau or in the usual coffe.

Hehe I have the same problem, so I’d certainly be up for a game tomorrow! =)
What LvL/Adventure do you have in mind?

I would also be intrested depending on the time

I was thinking T1 around 18.

Is this an open table for anyone to join in?

it is!

ohh well that’s lovely. I am down for a game if you’ll have me. Just tell me the time and place. :slight_smile: ( i dont’ have a lot of expirience but i know my way around the game)

Perfect, count me in!
It is going to be an AL game or a merry “bring a T1 character, lets have some fun”-kind of game?

Thanks for making this happen, I’m super excited for tmr!

the second one,)

I guess we are doing this today, so where are we going to meet? And are we rolling for characters on the spot or should we bring premade characters?

Do you have a DM?

(I can’t come myself, I was just curious and from the outside it looks like you might need one…)

I am not quite sure who the DM will be. Good question btw.

Hi, yes in fact I wanted to see if anyone wanted to join with the hopes of a DM volunteering, but in the current stance although I have never done it before I have been prepearing something. it would be first session of a longer adventure. I had it in my head for a while now, its base on the first ever adventure I played, the one that captured me. Its going to be simple probably and I dont know how good will I be at it but I am up for it anyway. So, if we manage to get three or four players I would still like to meet.

Again if you want we can use my place, near spitelau

@Arnau: sounds intriguing, can’t wait to try it!
Do you have any Lvl preference for our characters?

Spitelau works for me, should I bring anything? (thinking about snacks and beer =))

I’d offer my services as a DM, but I’m afraid I’m simply nowhere near experienced enough.

Good! we’ve got one, you can bring snaks and beer if you want of course.
before we set anything in stone lets see if we get enough players

and anything but lvl 1 will work out. try to bring a charachter that already has the subclass.

Is a level 3-4 character ok ?

I believe the DM is fine with lvl3/4. (Arnau: “and anything but lvl 1 will work out. try to bring a charachter that already has the subclass.”)

Even with lvl2, as long as you play a class that chooses its subclass before 3 (e.g. cleric)

Alright, since 18.00 is approaching fast, everyone that wants to join plz post a short msg, so we know if we’ll get 3-4 players!

I’ll start: I’d like to attend (and go snack/beer-hunting)

So then how many of us are ready for today? ( at the moment i belive we have 2 players and a DM )