Who is up for a 5e game this Tuesday?


I think only two so far


Is it posible to run a game with 2 players? Maybe we should arrange for another day your call.


I don’t know I think its not enough.


I’d play an arcane trickster, so am able to fulfill a number of party roles, but 2 players is probably not enough. 3 however is pretty cool - super intense games.
Mmmm some people are just getting off work, we might get lucky if we give it some more minutes, your call.

TLDR: we need at least another player, your god needs YOU to answer the call to glory! :smiley:


ok we wait till 17 then we call it


where would u guys be playing ?
also how long would the adventure be ?
and what kind of character would one need ?


My place in Spitelau.
maybe 3-4 h it depends.
lvl 3 or 2


ok I am up although depending on the adress i will be abit late


Ok since we decided a bit late lets meet at 19 at my apartment at Heligenstäter strasse 9/17




everyone on board?


sry for the late reply, jup in in =)


if anyone has figures bring them,) _I have none


its heiligenstädter strasse 9, apartment 17 right?

@figures: dont have any in Austria atm =(


so are we three people
also lithe character I make doesnt have to be al right ?
as in level and source limits
also check that the third player knows


we have a third


Sorry boys i thought we called it and i made other plans, maybe another time.


Gonna be 10min late, hope the stiegl is worth it :smile:


well since the others are in the way we wil try anyway


I feel bad now. I left my stuff back at my place, it would take me 1.5 to 2 hours to go get them and come there. Hope you work things out and have some fun. maybe we will meet up on frieday at the cafe for AL. :wink: