Where do you guys play?


I’m new to this forum and also to Vienna. I’m interested in Roleplaying (have played DnD and M.A.G.U.S before so not a complete neewb) . However I feel a little bit lost on this forum. How does this work?
I assume if I want to join a party I need to message that forum. Is there a fix location, where you guys play at or it is discussed privately in the group?
I’m just asking for a brief run-down how it would work If I want to join a game. (I would like to prepare a character beforehand etc. etc.)
I speak german also fluently, so german groups are no problem :).

Sorry if this is a very NoOb question… I’ve been lurking around for like a month, but haven’t really gotten around :slight_smile: .

Thank you for your answers.

  • Viktor a.k.a Cheesus

Hey - currently a couple of places we play:
Friday evenings at WoWKeepers, Holochergasse 53
Saturday brunch at Sagewerk,Währinger Str. 21
Open table old school D&D (has a regular location I don’t know)

Typically 4-5 days before the event, someone will post a new thread on this forum, you reply saying ‘I want to come’ and then turn up. For Fridays and Saturdays if you see a DM declare “I’m going to run X” you can ask to join that otherwise typically we fill tables with whoever shows up.

For preparing a character, most of those posts have the VALUE rules at the top of the post (it is pretty much Adventurers League with minor tweaks).

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if the season/weather allows we meet in Tuerkenschanzpark at the infamous gazebo, otherwise one of our apartments or some other backup location

we are playing tomorrow, swing by if you are up for some old school shenanigans

Thank you for the answers. :slight_smile:

Thanks for the invitation. I think I would even take you up on it :slight_smile:

What preparations would I need beforehand?
(DnD 5e?, character sheets etc?) or should I just randomly swing by and just see how you guys do things, because thats also fine with me :slight_smile:

no prep work needed. creating the character takes 15 minute (praise old school dnd) and is usually done on the spot. @H am I missing something ?

Meeting place is the Tuerkenbrunnen, just inside the entrance at the corner of Daenenstr. & Peter-Jordan-Str.

what time do you start? :slight_smile:

Looks good to me.

Show starts at 2. I’ll send you a quick message with specifics, Viktor.

See you tomorrow!

Regarding Sägewerk: How do you handle the location? For how long do you book the table? What about consumption and noise?

when we do the saturday games (there was a bit of a hiatus the last couple weeks) we start to meet at 11:00 when Sägewerk opens and are usually done by 16:00 when they start to get busy, so noise isn’t a big problem imho, consumption is expected though we do not have a fixed agreement with them as far as I know, I still expect anybody showing up consuming at least a drink or 2

If you are looking for other places to play, we have tested out this list of D&D friendly places:

Mostly the trick is figuring out when they are busy and avoiding that time.


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May be a stupid question, but how do you guarantee you get to sit in the gazeebo every time? Isnt it a public space? What if another group already occupies it? @H

Typically, hardvark beats the snot out of any interlopers. (I wasn’t there, but I’ve heard the legends.)

Barring that, there are other nice places to play.