What V.A.L.U.E would you give a Friday Night !/ 02.10.2020 @ 1070

Meeting place is Cafe 1070 @ Burggasse 68, 1070 Vienna

V.A.L.U.E. rules can be found here

Item unlocks and their tcp cost can be found here.

We also have a discord server which can be found here

Leave a reply to this post if you want to join our regular DnD shenanigans on Friday at Cafe 1070.

You are coming to play? Great! Just leave a reply with what the tiers of characters you’ll be bringing with you.
You want to run a Oneshot? Equally amazing --> Please leave a reply including the tier (and maybe even the name) of the adventure you plan on running.

You are new to V.A.L.U.E. or DnD in general and want to give it a shot? No need to worry just make sure to mention it in your reply and come by a little earlier, usually there are more than enough experienced players already there, who will be happy to assist you with Character creation, as well as explanations of the basic rules of DnD.

Because of the current situation, we have to sign a Namelist when we Play in the caffe !

Be safe we see us on Friday!

(Ps : I hope its fine to coppy your Text here [ThatGuyTed])

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I will be there to play, preferably tier 2 :slight_smile:

Plan to be there and would prefer to play this time. (T1-3)

At last, I am finally able to return. For my personal party does not have time this week. I will very likely dm a T2 be it a personal creation of mine or someone else’s I have not yet decided.

See you all there :slight_smile:


I will also join this friday would play t1/t2

Hi! Me and my friend would like to join, but we´re complete newbies, so we would be a bit earlier there. Did you reserve a table or something? See you on friday :slight_smile:


Usually tables are reserved for us, so that should not be a problem.

And usually people are there earlier to help newbies like you :wink:

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Hi, I’ll be there this Friday with T1-3 characters.

I will also bring a T1 adventure if we need another DM.

Looks like it will be a T1 game. From the players that are currently signing up. If you don’t mind I would hand this over to you @joeder

@cat4laugh no problem, but maybe you also prepare T2 so we can have 2 tables, with not to many people per table.

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i am only seeing 3 people so far

currently announced:

  • KKevin
  • Semako
  • PatrickD (T1-3)
  • cat4laugh (maybe DM T2)
  • Gammageddon (T1/2)
  • delirians (T1)
  • delirians friend (T1)
  • joeder (DM T1)
  • Mexikorn (T1/2)
  • Tiero (T1-3)
  • Alex (T1/2)

I’ll come and play. T1 or T2

Hey guys, Id like to join tonight, T1-3

Hi! I’d like to come with T1 and 2 characters :slight_smile:

I really hope it’s not too late, but I’d also like to join tonight. I am a completely newbie and have no experience with D&D, but I would like to learn it.

Cheers, Marvin


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