What gives life V.A.L.U.E? DND of course, Open Friday Game

Greetings RPGVienna Community,
How would you fancy an open Friday game now that the restrictions have loosened up a bit?
I can offer a T1, T2 adventure and possibly t3 but that one is uncertain. : )

If you are a new player check these links at the bottom and hit us up on the discord if you have any questions

V.A.L.U.E. rules for new players

Item unlocks and their tcp cost can be found here.

Discord for questions and stuff

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Great I will show up as a player

Have to pass two more weeks (playing with my current group) but than love to come back.

It doesn’t look like we are going to play today !

I think I will head over this evening, even if no games are running, just to get things rolling again. If people want some help building characters - I am no hardcore min-max expert but I can help walk people through it.

It is to be expected it is still finals week after all.

I would be interested in coming today, after work.
I am a new player with quite a bit of 2nd hand experience, but have never played d&d myself and would therefore need help with char creation!

Hello I would be interested in playing if you are still looking for people.

Well that’s 4 people I will whip up a t1 adventure. Don’t forget that you need to be tested or vaccinated to enter! See you all in 3 hours! For the newcomers we are usually at the backtable but it’s been a while so let’s see how much room there is


Jeah; will be late 5-10 min

By the way how will I recognise you?

you on your way?

Any sec now sry

Cant make it today, you guys have fun! I really hope i can join next week :slight_smile:

Thank you all for appearing today. Had a lot of fun dming it and seeing some real life faces behind the crazy actions the party takes :slight_smile:

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