Welcome... to me. I am New. Grüß Gott!

Hello Everyone!
Hallo ihr Süßen!

I am Remy (He/him) , 26 and pretty baffled that there is so much going on in Vienna!
I love to draw and play pen& paper. Obviously.
I played a lot of DnD and a little bit of Call of Chtullu.
Rreally looking forward to meet y’all.
I am pretty lost Haha.
I really like to join a game as a player.
What are my options?
Lots of love and kisses💕


Welcome on board! :slight_smile:

You can join any of our open VALUE games. They typically happen weekly or biweekly. The next one will be this friday. Just post in the thread (The V.A.L.U.E of welcoming new players!) to sign up!

Darthbinks: edited the link

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I missread and thought you wrote: “Welcome to me! Your new god!” or something like that :sweat_smile: welcome


Me too :smiley:

You are also welcome to join our Saturday brunch games at Sägwerk - here’s link to the one this Saturday

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When you have been DMing for too long…


Exactly what I was thinking too. Only that I might be a Great Old One instead… :octopus:

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