Warhammer Fantasy (2E) one-shot

Hello everyone,

I thought about running an one-shot Warhammer fantasy (2E) game of “A Rough Night at the Three Feathers” and looking for 3-5 players.

As this is an introduction game, no previous experience needed.

About the game/settings:

  • This will be a dark and gritty fantasy setting, with a lot of references to European middle ages
  • Chaos is not only an intangible concept, but a real threat. Outside of city walls, mutated animals and monsters threat mankind;
    within civilization secret cultist spread corruption.
    But you can do it as well by your vices.
  • (Except if some players explicitly wants to pre-generate his character),
    we will randomly roll for the character at the beginng.
    So it is possible, we might have a thief/fighter/wizard/cleric party; but it can easily be “the adventures of the Ragpickers”
  • Magic is rare and the folks are superstitious about it.
    Hence even the smallest cantrips could frighten bandits
    away, but it could also make the spellcaster as a target
    for inquisitors and witch hunters
  • By the way, spells could fail and fry the caster’s mind;
    but too succesfull spells could summon the force of Chaos (and not necessarily on your side)
  • Injuries might heal in days, weeks (or in case of missing body parts - not at all)

Time and location will be decided later, based on interest.

Anyone interested?

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Yes! Me! :smiley:

That’s supposed to be a fun scenario. In if you’ll have me!

Sounds interesting, count me in

Sounds like my kind of game, I’m in!

Hi, I would be interested to join if you still have a free seat

Love the setting, I’m interested. Please get in touch if you have room for a player

Hi @TiLoak & @Nik - thanks for your interest, but currently this session should have enough players.
However, I might make a re-run of this game in a few weeks and I can invite you, if you are still interested.


Thanks for the reply! Sure I would love to join a rerun or different one-shot too :slight_smile:

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