Warhammer Fantasy 2E one-shot -round 2

Hello everyone,

In October I have mentioned a Warhammer one-shot game. As players back then took a totally different route and not even touches the originally planned scenario, I think it worth a new try and maybe players this time can reach the famous “Three Feathers Inn” and figure out… why does the scenario has “Raving night” in its title?

I’m looking for 3-6 players for this session, but as last time @TiLoak, @Nik and @H could not participate,
they will have a guaranteed spot, if they wish and can participate this time.

The game should take place probably between 26-20th of November (will contact the players with a Doodle and fix the date this week) and needs 1 hour for character generation and 2-3 hour of play
(we will do both in person)

Anybody interested?

I’m still interested

I would be interested

Yes count me in please

Appreciated. Count me in!

With a window of nearly a year, I’m optimistic we’ll be able to find a date.

Thanks for running this again. Looking forward to it!

You see, the session has not even started yet, but Chaos already wraps the GMs mind!

So, we have already 4 players (I will contact you in a separate message), two slots are still free

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Thanks, S_journ! Fun stuff. Not the easiest scenario to DM, I imagine …

Much appreciated!