WANTED: DM and PCs for in person game

I’m a 1000 year old child traped in the body of a middle aged woman who’s allways the DM and never the PC. So, now I’m looking to change that (the beeing the DM part … can’t do much about the rest).

As I am a shiftworker, it is realy hard for me to join a weekly game with a strikt timetabel. I propose a monthly game for which we decide on a date and time at the ende of each session. So it will be flexible enough to fit in everyones scedule but still a fixated date to which we all commit.

I DMed enough to konw how organizing a group can be a pain. So if there is a DM out there who would like to dm but does not want to struggle with the coordination I could manage that part.

The game I have in mind should be a real heroes quest with heartfelt and deep role play but also tons of fun and goofiness. A good mixture of hero moments and slapstick scenes.

Everything else is up for discussion and mainly the DMs choice.

Who is interested? Any takers? Please??? :sweat_smile:

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welcome :slight_smile:

most of us are still in “waiting to get their own/their partner’s shots” mode,
so the weekly V.A.L.U.E. (Vienna Adventuring League Ultimate Experience) games still take a bit of time to be able to return (they are on Fridays)
aside from that an Indie RPG crowd, most of the time playing oneshots of various gamesystems, will also return in the coming months (they are on Thursdays)

maybe those could work for you in the future, since there is no commitment to show up regularly :slight_smile:

meanwhile you could look for players & dms in our Discord groups
search on Discord for RPG Vienna and/or Thursday Night Open Games

have fun & happy gaming :slight_smile:

you could try @H’s Keep on the Borderlands

Thanks so much for the nice tips :grin:

H already contacted me and I will try to join a session at the Keep :sunglasses:

I realy want to find a regular group though. One that is willing to discuss game dates so I can fit them into my non regular work schedule :crazy_face:

And although I joined the RPG Vienna Discord, I have to admit that I’m a little overwelmed with that :sweat_smile: I can handle a little server for the purpose of gaming but everything bejond that is too much for my middle aged brain :joy:

Have a lovely weekend!

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