Wednesday, May 26. D&D: Keep on the Borderlands

A few brave adventurers have taken up lodgings at the famed Keep on the Borderlands and set off to explore the nearby Caves of Chaos. Sadly, their initial forays saw our heroes thwarted by fierce opponents at every turn. Clearly, reinforcements are called for! Are you bold enough to heed the call?

This is an opt-in/opt-out campaign with a revolving cast covering one of D&D’s most iconic scenarios. We’ll be playing roughly every week or two, whenever enough of us feel like getting together.

Note that this is an old school game; kobolds are terrifying …

Virtual, at least for the time being. Next session: May 26. Show starts at 7.

Drop me a line if you’re interested!


Yay, more Borderlands :slight_smile:

Glutton for punishment. :b

Update: Showtime tomorrow is at 9 pm. Seeya!

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