Vienna fantasy gaming convention 2019

dear RPG VIENNA! the VFGC is back and will be at June the 22nd! i would like to give you space (for free) to present RPG VIENNA to gamers from middle europe. if there is interest - please contact me: kind regards from harry! …aaaand a small update: i forgot to mention, that we will celebrate the FREE RPG DAY 2019 at the VFGC! :slight_smile:


Thanks for the kind offer, Harri, it is very much appreciated!

I am sure we can organise some kind of presence.

I was also wondering with Harald about organising some games. AL and the like there …

This is amazing. @Harry thanks so much. Definitely need some input from the regulars on here on how to go about it.

very interesting offer, so who’s going to take the lead on organising? :smiley:

Awesome! Thanks for the offer!

Are we talking booth/table? Would be happy to contribute.

Many thanks, Harry! Very cool. Looking forward to another great con!

Happy to pitch in with whatever we wind up doing. Although, if we want to paint an accurate picture of our group, we’ll be serving AL, AL, AL, AL, spam, and AL …

Great news :smiley:

I would be happy to contribute to it.

Really nice idea! If any help is needed, I think most of the RPG Vienna community would participate and contribute!

Hello people!

I think that it is way past time to organising our presence at the con!

I was thinking to try to set up a table with general information as well as have pick up groups running throughout the convention.

D&D5 AL, of course, and I am happy to volunteer from DMing.
But we also should offer other games for example call of Cthulhu, maybe some SW? Other D&D edition?


Given the available space and time, we might want to go with a couple games to showcase at our table, while also having others available to play in the main hall.

I’m also happy to pitch in with DMing, and can run whatever you guys think would be good. CoC tends to be very popular at these affairs, perhaps more than anything else. “Other D&D edition” also sounds good. Or perhaps Action Castle? That’s usually a crowd-pleaser with the added bonus of no limit on the number of players, and also ties in with our group’s history.

Tournaments also work well at cons, and I could certainly whip one up (or re-run something, like II or IV), but I’m not sure we’d have critical mass.

Anyway, let’s keep brainstorming. And thanks again for the invitation, Harry!


ActionCastle or Tournament sounds great :slight_smile:
I could run an AL adventure if needed, or maybe i should try to whip a NWoD thingie together?

Well, Harri just made an official announcement, so we have to be there…

i must be blind … can’t find the announcement anywhere, could you provide a link? :slight_smile:

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I’ll have either a Primetime Adventures or With Great Power oneshot ready (to the represent the long-dead indie aspect of the olden times of rpgvienna-Thursday)… :stuck_out_tongue:

Also: A couple of weeks ago, SJourn had the fantastic idea to design super generic RPGVIENNA character sheets. You know, just put name, description, stats, equipment blocks on there plus the rpgvienna dragon logo on the top right and the full address in the footer.

I could help out designing it. Can we get the artwork from the t-shirts somehow? They were designed by Piotr, right? Do you think we could get a svg or smthg from him? Has someone his RL contact?

PS: … and of course all game run at our table would be played with those sheets as well as a couple dozen give-aways…

I played around a bit with gimp and came up with the following first draft for a character sheet. Any thoughts? Layout is a bit wonky still… If i have the time, I’ll give it a second touch.

Pjotr’s rpgvienna logo will go on the top right. Got his approval already, just need to add the graphic, once I have it.

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OK. Screw the previous draft. I was going for a mesh-up of different RPG character sheet styles from all the different games and genres we cover at

BUT: Pjotr’s logo is just too amazing to be buried in such a busy sheet. Here’s a new simplistic approach:

PS: The idea is to hand these out as our “business cards”… and who shows up to one of our open game nights on Thursday or Friday with one of these gets a free reroll :stuck_out_tongue:


I’m conflicted.

On the one hand, the logo is fantastic.

On the other, I would love to play a game where the designer decided to go with just three skills, and determined that those skills should clearly be Computer, Interpretive Dance, and Ping Pong.

So yeah, I’m torn.

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@Alrik They are amazing

You all out of faith?

This is how I feel!