Vienna fantasy gaming convention 2019


dear RPG VIENNA! the VFGC is back and will be at June the 22nd! i would like to give you space (for free) to present RPG VIENNA to gamers from middle europe. if there is interest - please contact me: kind regards from harry!


Thanks for the kind offer, Harri, it is very much appreciated!

I am sure we can organise some kind of presence.

I was also wondering with Harald about organising some games. AL and the like there …


This is amazing. @Harry thanks so much. Definitely need some input from the regulars on here on how to go about it.


very interesting offer, so who’s going to take the lead on organising? :smiley:


Awesome! Thanks for the offer!

Are we talking booth/table? Would be happy to contribute.


Many thanks, Harry! Very cool. Looking forward to another great con!

Happy to pitch in with whatever we wind up doing. Although, if we want to paint an accurate picture of our group, we’ll be serving AL, AL, AL, AL, spam, and AL …


Great news :smiley:


I would be happy to contribute to it.


Really nice idea! If any help is needed, I think most of the RPG Vienna community would participate and contribute!