Veni, Vidi, V.A.L.U.E. ! (Open D&D Night)

Meeting place is Cafe 1070 @ Burggasse 68, 1070 Vienna


V.A.L.U.E. rules can be found here

Item unlocks and their tcp cost can be found here.

We also have a discord server which can be found here

Leave a reply to this post if you want to join our regular DnD shenanigans on Friday at Cafe 1070.

You are coming to play? Great! Just leave a reply with what the tiers of characters you’ll be bringing with you.
You want to run a Oneshot? Equally amazing --> Please leave a reply including the tier (and maybe even the name) of the adventure you plan on running.

You are new to V.A.L.U.E. or DnD in general and want to give it a shot? No need to worry just make sure to mention it in your reply and come by a little earlier, usually there are more than enough experienced players already there, who will be happy to assist you with Character creation, as well as explanations of the basic rules of DnD.

I’ll be there to run a low T2 adventure called 'The night of the rise

I will also DM a T2 adventure

In interests of respecting the current situation in Austria, I would like to limit my table to a maximum of 5 Players. I would also appreciate players signing up to my table in advance.

i’ll try to be there, will bring T1/T2 characters, won’t have an adventure prepared, but could quickly whip up a T1 adventure on the fly if absolutely necessary

would prefer to play at @ThatGuyTed’s table (either with a wizard or a monk probably)

I will be there to play tier 2, probably at @ThatGuyTed’s table.

Plan to be there, also interested in @ThatGuyTed 's table. But can switch if need be.

I wont be there this week, so well resume the crystalline city next week !:slight_smile:

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Change of plans I will be able to attend this Friday at Sams table

Hi t1 t2 player or i can try my first t1 adventure ( murder in sky eberon t1 adventure)

I’ll be there with a T1/2/3 characters.

I would like a place @Samgiblett’s table.

I will probably be a little late, should get there somewhere between 19:00 and 19:30.

I’ll be there, T1 or T2. No table prefered

Hi! I’ll be joining with a T1/T2 character

I won’t be there today after all, hope y’all have fun

I can’t come this week either:( but am excited for the next crystalline adventure!

Id like to come with T1/2 characters :slight_smile:

Something came up and Ill most likely have to miss out on this sesh, sorry about that.

Thanks to my players. Hope you had fun in the palace of the efreeti. The next part of the adventure is T3 for when I get to DM again

You guys gained:
Wondrous item, rare
This piece of fine red silk can be folded up into a handkerchief, scarf, or cloak. When studied closely, the folds of silk seem to dance and flicker like fire. A character wearing or carrying this item can speak and understand Ignan. It unfolds into a circular sheet 6 feet in diameter.
You can use an action to unfold a portable hole and place it on or against a solid surface, whereupon the portable hole creates an extradimensional hole 10 feet deep. The cylindrical space within the hole exists on a different plane, so it can’t be used to create open passages. Any creature inside an open portable hole can exit the hole by climbing out of it.
You can use an action to close a portable hole by taking hold of the edges of the cloth and folding it up. Folding the cloth closes the hole, and any creatures or objects within remain in the extradimensional space. No matter what’s in it, the hole weighs next to nothing.
If the hole is folded up, a creature within the hole’s extradimensional space can use an action to make a DC 10 Strength check. On a successful check, the creature forces its way out and appears within 5 feet of the portable hole or the creature carrying it. A breathing creature within a closed portable hole can survive for up to 10 minutes, after which time it begins to suffocate.
Placing a portable hole inside an extradimensional space created by a bag of holding, Heward’s handy haversack, or similar item instantly destroys both items and opens a gate to the Astral Plane. The gate originates where the one item was placed inside the other. Any creature within 10 feet of the gate is sucked through it and deposited in a random location on the Astral Plane. The gate then closes. The gate is one-way only and can’t be reopened.

This beautiful golden crown is covered with diamonds
each of which gleams with its own light. The crown
resizes to fit the head of any wearer. Contrary to its
name, the crown does not actually grant any wishes.
Instead, when the person wearing it feels strong
emotion of any kind, the crown sprouts harmless,
colorful flames from its pinnacle, with the color of the
flames based on the wearer’s mood: red for anger, blue
for sorrow, green for amusement, and so on. This crown
can be sold for 1,500 gp. It does not count as a magic
item and cannot be traded.

You have gained the favor of House Peytir, and with it,
the approval of many of the anti-Thayan political
factions in Mulmaster. Your Charisma checks to interact
with Cloaks as well as Mulmaster nobles who are not
aligned with Thay are made with advantage.

and for Buzz

You have failed the Trial of Strength and Cunning and
would have lost your pathetic life were it not for Pasha
Razim’s magnanimity and mercy. In exchange, he has
marked you as his servant, placing a magical tattoo
somewhere on your skin. The tattoo spells out “Servant
of Razim” in Ignan, and any efreet can spot the tattoo
upon you no matter how you attempt to hide it
(magically or otherwise). Efreet who see this mark are
likely to treat you with contempt as befits a lowly
servant, but they might also leave you alone for fear of
angering your master. The tattoo can only be removed
with a 9th level remove curse spell or at Pasha Razim’s

A big thank you to all of my players for the very entertaining session and marvelous performance. Giles Ne’Ville is… or more like was proud of you guys. :ok_hand:

I finally found the time to total up all of your gold rewards. There were a bunch of little items in the chest you found in the end as well as on Giles Ne’Ville himself.

(gold rings, small emeralds, rubies (50 gp each), diamonds (50 gp each), and some small diamonds)

I took the liberty to convert it all into gold pieces for ease of splitting it up evenly among yourselves.
–> Each of you gain 360 gp from the loot as well as 100 gp as a reward for dealing with the bandit camp in it’s entirety

–> so 460 gp in total

Thank you it was great fun. I really enjoyed the lightheartedness of the skit and the partydynamic :smiley: Just for clarification,didnt the mayor give us 150 because we cleared out the whole bandit camp instead of just getting rid of the leader?

The assistant mayor would have done that but the max I can give you guys for one T2 adventure is 480 gp per player.

To get a story reason: As you returned to the village the assistant mayor is all for giving you guys 150 gp each but at that moment the actual mayor comes in and tells him that he can’t just go wild with the villages treasury. “The adventurers agreed to do the job for 100 gp and that’s what they will get. It’s none of our concern that they went above and beyond on this job.” (the actual mayor is kind of unpleasant and very meticulous when it comes to paying adventuring parties)

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A pity that the Genie warlock is not out yet (but it is confirmed to be exactly like the UA in Tashas) . Else I would make an even further deal with the Pasha to increase his influence in the material plane and maybe deliver some news from time to time :wink: