V.A.L.U.E. @ 1070 - Death might have been delayed, but not avoided!

also please no more V.A.L.U.E. rules questions in the sign up thread please, move them to the discord or the V.A.L.U.E. rules thread

thanks :slight_smile:

I just got my confirmation, I’ll be coming on Friday to join Resil’s table, if he’ll have me

Ill have yee

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I’m coming too. Will play EVIL if still possible.
Got a lvl5 Paladin or lvl5 Hobo, whichever the table needs.

I’ll be there, think Resils table is pretty full, so hope to play some T2

I’ll probably be there with T2 and T1 characters.

sorry have to cancel

I’ll be there with a Level 1 Druid. Death House if possible, but can play whatever table is available.

sign ups so far:

  • Tersidian DM Death House (level 1->2)
    • Groklaw
  • Resil DM E.V.I.L. (T1/2)
    • pfeifer
    • Purecell
    • cat4laugh
    • Kenta
    • Michi
    • ArgaVanori
    • Mexikorn
  • Mourni DM Fester and Burn (T2)

players without stated table preference

  • Semako T1/2
  • cwebb T2
  • flint T1
  • Polyphem T2
  • BufoBufo T1/2

I would like to play at @Mourni’s table :wink:

I’ll go for T2 if possible, so also @Mourni 's table.

Hi Semako,

you have actually played fester and burn at my table not so long ago. FYI… I believe that may have been with your arcane trickster.

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That was the first part of the adventure in Chult? It was my first regular VALUE session (played Prison Escape with a dwarf fighter, Crystalline City, and then tom’s wizard pyramid oneshot with my bladesinger, before), so quite some time has passed since then…
Since that seems to be the only option (have played Prison Escape as well and I don’t really like lv1 play…) I would play it again, this time from the perspective of my druid… of course avoiding any metagaming. Are you okay with that, Mourni?

Your druid has played the second and third parts though so remember that if Mourni has time to continue to the next part.

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Druid only played the third part. Second part was with the bladesinger - who then died in Resil’s colorless city (can’t remember the exact name) and thus couldn’t play the third part of the chult adventure.

Hello everyone,

I’m not really new to the game, but I’m new-ish to Vienna. I’d love to join this friday night as a player if that’s okay. I also don’t speak good german, so hopefully that’s okay, especially since everything said here is in english. Anyhow, I’ll show up at the cafe at that time, 6’4, slim and glasses, so maybe someone recognizes me before I find the table.


Edit: whichever table accepts me, I could play level 1 barbarian


We will join Mourni if possible (2 players)

Going to join as well. T1, lvl 3

If you plaxed for the first time, your characters are likely to be level 2, not tier 2 (T2). Tier 2 is levels 5-10.

Is it possible to join on a t1 or something similar, or do i juzt ask on spot for a table