V.A.L.U.E. @ 1070 - 7th february 2020, almost a year of rpgvienna @ cafe 1070 :)

Meeting place is Cafe 1070 @ burggasse 68, 1070 vienna

V.A.L.U.E. rules can be found here

Anybody who wants to dm a game please announce it here, anybody who wants to play please do so too. For DMs include a name for the adventure if possible as well as a level/tier range. For Players if you have a preferred game that has been announced please put that in your post as well as what level character you’re bringing.

I won’t be there this time, but I will be there next week to run Death House (players who want to do participate in that please prepare a level 1 character and a levelup for that character to level 2 as there will be a level up midadventure, if you survive long enough), so have fun staying alive this week, there will be deaths next week :smiling_imp:

I’ll be there, T2 or T1. I prefer T2 and to survive…

I’ll be there to DM. continuing waterdeep: dragon heist. It’s T2. I’ll bring a +1 this time.
Players with preferred seating are

Coming to DM the intro adventure for the E.V.I.L. Campaign executive branch.

Bringing a T1 character, and this will be my first time playing, so I’ll join whoever can have me (Still don’t know is who, but whatever group that played in the backroom last week, I’d like to join that if possible ; at least with whoever DM’ed, like his style. Again just preference but will join any T1 group, as my character is level 1 so :stuck_out_tongue:

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The group in the backroom was Pfeifer’s and played a T2 adventure :slight_smile:

I probably will be there as well with T1 and T2 characters.

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Count me in.
T1 lvl3 Rogue

Hi guys:)
I’m a complete newbie to dnd. Is this a good place to start? I know a little about how the game works, but it would still be nice if somebody could show me the ropes. Am willing to buy a drink or two for anyone who wants to introdce me to the game:D

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Hi guys,

I will come with a buddy. we will both bring a T1 Char.


Yes, of course it is :slight_smile:

Just be there early, so we have time to introduce you to the game. Usually the first players arrive at around 18:00.

I’ll be there with a T1

change of plans, not gonna be able to dm, instead gonna play at resils campaign and bring my +1 with me.

I’ll play at Resils table too

Would also like to join E.V.I.L. Inc at resils table

I will come to play

I’ll be there with T1/2/3 characters.

I also have a T1 adventure prepared if needed.

I will also join again with my T1/L3 character :grin:

I’ll be there for E.V.I.L.

I am a bit late to reply, But I would like to join T1/T2!

Ill see if i can join today if i do T1/T2 ^^