V.A.L.U.E. @ 1070 - 7th february 2020, almost a year of rpgvienna @ cafe 1070 :)

Is it just Resil’s game today or is anybody else DMing?
I seem to only see players …

I’ll DM a T1 adventure

There as a player if there is place.

Dms: Resil being evil without cat4laugh

  1. pfeifer
  2. Michi
  3. Kenta
  4. Shadow

DMs: joeder

  1. cwebb (T1 / T2)
  2. ArgaVanori (T1)
  3. Semako (T1 / T2)
  4. Mexikorn (T1)
  5. Vokasin (T1)
  6. Calderos (T1)
  7. +1 (T1)
  8. Polyphem
  9. Steinbauer (T1)
  10. CriticalMaxim (T1 / T2)
  11. blueblaze

@cwebb thanks for putting the list together.

Anybody else want to DM?

I’m not dming this week. Sadly can’t be there :confused:

Sorry ill at home hope to recover over the weekend.

On this occasion I think I skip
Hopefully there are some smaller groups next week

Sorry for the short notice, but I won’t be able to come. Hopefully next time.

heyhey, sorry for the short notice, but ill make it, perhaps 10min late. hope some table will have me. T123 :slight_smile:

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