Upcoming games

Just an update on what I have.

Mystery game. Yep I have the next mystery thought out just writing it down now. I’ve learned a few things from my last game (no more “random” laughing, thank you H) and some other things. I hope this time will be a large improvement from the last game. Just as a taste for what’s coming this time you will be dealing with kidnapping.

Superheroes. This is something I tried to get going in the past with not much success. I want to try again but I need help from you! Not asking much and it’s for your benefit too. I ask for hero concepts, powers ect. Write down the super hero you would like to play and I will make it to the best of my ability. Anything you can think of can with all likely hood be created. Also if you’d rather make your own hero that’s also ok but I will have to give it the ok before I allow it in game. Please write in comments ideas of course more details means the character will be more like you imagine it to be. And finally think of a villain concept too. No need to go into too many details, just a name and personality and maybe a special trait such as genius inventor or I’m a horse… for anyone who knows bad horse.

Thanks guys looking forward to seeing hero and villain ideas.

Sounds fun! Nice to have things to look forward to.

Since we’re looking ahead, it feels like I have several dozen games bouncing around my head, including scenarios for Paranoia, UCPD, Blowback, Walrus: A Northern Song*, Simile: A Game Like Playing Roles**, AD&D***, Nobilis, Call of Cthulhu, Traveller …

Catch you in '15! Happy holidays, everyone!

*Could this be Alrik’s worst nightmare, anthropomorphic walruses and polar bears mashed together with Rolemaster rules?

** I devised an indie system. What could go wrong?

*** OK, that sounds slightly more plausible, doesn’t it?

Happy holidays!! See you in 2015!

The games you guys mentioned all sound great*! Looking forward to another great year and a ton of awesome games!

*successfully ignoring the anthropomorphic crap :wink:

Oh, come now. Anthropomorphic walruses have a strong literary tradition. Just think of Lewis Carroll!

Add a few hundred tables for things like secondary plasma criticals, and you’ve got yourself a game …

@ Superheroes: here’s an idea for a character that’s been bouncing around in my head. Keep in mind that my Superhero Comics Knowledge skill is severely underdeveloped by the standards of some (probably most) of you - so if I’m shamelessly ripping off some existing concept/hero, it’s most likely completely unintentional :wink:

Nancy Powell
mutant power: can create stasis fields in her direct vicinity, reaching in size from pretty small to probably maybe room-sized perhaps… these fields stop any energy, force, or other process going on inside them. So a falling object would be stopped to “levitate” in mid air, a bullet (or water from a hose) might “freeze” right in front of her, a fire would stop burning as if stopped in time, decaying processes of a corpse would stop, etc…

Her problem is not so much creating these effects (although stopping a bullet does require a harder roll or whatever than stopping a bucket of water splashed at her), but to undo them later. So far, she has not succeeded in undoing any of her stasis fields intentionally. Although they end seemingly all on their own sometimes. She just can’t tell why and when, much less initiate it volontarily.

Calls herself PermaNancy in her superhero persona. For costume, thinking nothing too flashy, most likely gonna go with trenchcoat and low-brimmed hat, brown curly hair spilling from underneath it.

@ supervillain:
I always like telepath types, you know, the ones who can take over people (preferrably your loved and trusted ones, of course - Mwahahahaaa!), and/or program them with alternate personalities, puppet-master style…
(I always thought Xavier would have been a bad guy IRL, tbh :mrgreen: )

@ Auburney. The stasis power actually only consumes only 1/3ish of your power points. Any other thoughts about what your character would be capable of? Also need to think of things like mental strength, fortitude strength and reflex save. It’s also worth noting that you have a pretty good defensive maneuver, if you activate it before being hit by anything, but no real offensive capabilities.
The stasis field is something that you activate and it surrounds you in a X meter sphere. It doesn’t effect you but doesn’t move with you either. (If you want it to activate the moment you’re in danger it will become much more expensive) Anything that enters the field is frozen like time has stopped no matter what it is unless it weighs over 45 ton, I think give or take a ton or two, and its entirety fits in the sphere. Anything with a reflex save may make one to dodge the field but other than that they’re screwed. There are other ways out of the field but that’s for me to know and for you and others to figure out.

Well for super heroes so far I have three characters. Auburney’s character, Simon had an idea previously that I’ve created (the Parasitic swarm that takes over bodys dead or alive!) and someone mentioned an electric controller. More ideas appreciated otherwise will have to make do with what I come up with. Also villain ideas too please.

“Die infidel!”

Haifa Ajram

Power Level: 10 (150pp)

Abilities: Strength: 13, Agility: 0, Fighting: 0, Awareness: 2, Stamina: 15, Dexterity: 0, Intellect: 0, Presence: 0;

Skills: Close Combat: Unarmed 7 (+7), Investigation 10 (+10), Perception 8 (+10), Ranged Combat: Throwing 7 (+7);

Advantages: All-Out Attack, Interpose, Languages [English; native: Arabic], Power Attack, Takedown Attack 2;


“Righteous-Strength” - Enhanced Strength 2 (Limited to Lifting (Lifting Str 15, 800 tons) [-1]; 2pp)

“Righteous-Toughness” - Impervious Toughness 13 (13pp)

“Righteous-Movement” - Flight 8 (500MPH; 16pp)[ul]
[li]Dynamic Alternate Effect: Quickness 16 (2pp)[/li][/ul]

“Righteous-Vision” - Senses 6 (Counters Visual Concealment, Penetrates Visual Concealment; 6pp)

“Righteous-Audio” - Senses 1 (Radio; 1pp)

“Righteous-Mind” - Immunity 15 (Interaction Skills, Mental Effects; 15pp)

Defenses: Dodge +5, Parry +5, Fortitude +18, Toughness +15, Will +2;

Complications: (Her Sense Of) Righteousness; Her Secret Identity;

Abilities 60 + Skills 16 + Advantages 6 + Powers 55 + Defenses 13 = 150pp

Once Haifa Ajram was an ordinary Al Jazeera journalist. During the inspection for a report on the construction of an Iranian nuclear power plant for peaceful energy use, the plant was attacked by Western agents and she was exposed to an extremely high dose of Kryptonite radiation. As a result, she got superhuman powers. Since then she tries as Captain Saudi to bring more justice to the world.

“The cape and pj’s? What else can you wear when you are super in bed?”

Ben Hannanussen

Power Level: 10 (150pp)

Abilities: Strength: 5, Agility: 0, Fighting: -1, Awareness: -1, Stamina: 5, Dexterity: 0, Intellect: -1, Presence: -1;

Skills: Close Combat: Unarmed 16 (+15), Perception 10 (+9);

Advantages: Defensive Attack, Evasion (2), Power Attack, Teamwork;


“DVDA” - Summon Dublicates 6 (up to 90pp; Extras: Controlled [+1], Heroic [+2], Horde [+1], Multiple Minions [3 Dublicates; +3], Mental Link, Sacrifice, Subtile (2); 58pp)[ul]
[li]Alternate Effect: Create 10 (Extras: Continous [+1], Impervious [+1], Perception Range [+1], Selective [+1], Stationary [+0], Features (several: seem to live, breathe, have a heartbeat as well as seem to be mentally aware and possess a soul; 5), Precise, Subtile (2); Flaw: Limited [to GANGBANG Replicas; -1]; 1pp)[/li]
[li]Alternate Effect: Illusion 11 (all Sense types; Extras: Independant [+1], Precise, Subtile (2); Flaw: Limited [to Mirror Images; -1]; 1pp)[/li][/ul]

“Censorship” - Concealment 5 (All Visual Senses & Audio; Extra: Subtile (2); 12pp)[ul]
[li]Alternate Effect: Teleport 3 (250ft; Extras: Accurate [+1], Subtile (2), Turnabout; 1pp)[/li]
[li]Alternate Effect: Movement 3 & Senses 4 (Permeate & Penetrates Concealment; Extras: Linked [+0], Subtile (2); 1pp)[/li][/ul]

Defenses: Dodge +15, Parry +15, Fortitude +12, Toughness +5, Will +8;

Complication: Lecherousness;

Abilities 12 + Skills 13 + Advantages 5 + Powers 74 + Defenses 46 = 150pp

Ben Hannanussen is the son of Jewish sex shop owners with Swedish roots. He always described his parents as “free-spirited, Vietnam-protesting hippies”. He grew up in L.A. and as a child he started working in Jewish theaters, where he received his acting training.
Sadly major roles in Hollywood were denied to him. In need of money, he tried under the pseudonym of “GANG BANG” as a porn-actor and became, thanks to his ability to muliply through “secret Kabbalistic forces,” a star overnight. Unfortunately he drifted, thanks to his newly won friends in the XXX scene, from porn to crime very quickly. His very late success pushed his ego into committing more and more reckless deeds …

I can even stat them in M&M (3rd Edition; or even 2nd if you only have that one) … and you can modify them afterwards.

that was me … so no more electromancer … unless you really do not like those two above :laughing:

No these are awesome. Making characters myself, my creativity dives after the third or so. This helps a lot. I will write them up too and people can pick characters for themselves and naturally you will have priority over these two.
Also in regard to CAPTAIN SAUDI, is her “righteous” actually a flaw or fluff? The difference Fluff: she doesn’t get power points and just something that the player acts out and Flaw: she actually saves on power points and if she does something against her righteousness I will lessen her powers.

Also don’t forget to think of a bad guy. No need for full character just name and concept.

in 3rd Edition it would be a Complication
in 3rd Edition - Drawbacks do not grant Power Points anymore (a very wise decision I must ad) - but they will give you Hero Points, if they come up and hinder your character during play.

In 2nd Edition Drawbacks give your character power points. You could add the “Power Loss” drawback (p127; M&M 2nd) to each of her Powers.

Ben Hannanussen aka GANGBANG (the 2nd character I posted) would be the bad guy

I updated both posts with “suggested” stats for M&M 3rd Edition ^^

To be honest dude I’ve always used the ultimate power book. It is very focused on the powers, gives in depth explanation and to make an overpowered character you’d have to try and I’d know. I honestly haven’t gotten around to looking at 3ed and will get to it but for now I think I will stick with 2ed core book and ultimate power book until I get my hands on the 3ed book.

However I also agree that drawbacks are a bad idea due to the hero point system and getting points for your character because you have just made extra work for me… Geh!

in 2nd Edition you gain power points for mechanical disadvantages = drawbacks; and Hero points for Complications the DM throws into your way;

I can stat them in 2nd (+ Ultimate Power) too

“Die infidel!”

Haifa Ajram

Power Level: 10 (150pp)

Strength: 12, Agility: 0, Fighting: 0, Awarensess: 2, Stamina: 15, Dexterity: 0, Intellect: 0, Presence: 0

Advantages: All-Out Attack, Interpose, Languages [English, native: Arabic], Power Attack, Takedown Attack 2, Well-Informed;

Skills: Close Combat: Unarmed 8 (+8), Expertise: Theology 5 (+5), Investigation 10 (+10), Perception 8 (+10), Ranged Combat: Throwing 8 (+8), Technology 5 (+5);


“Righteous-Mind” - Immunity 10 (Mental Effects; 10pp)

“Righteous-Movement” - Quickness 18 (18pp)[ul]
[li]Dynamic Alternate Power: Flight 9 (1,000MPH; 2pp)[/li][/ul]

“Righteous-Senses” - Super-Senses 4 (Visual; Counters Concealment [darkness], Counters Illusion; 4pp)

“Righteous-Strength” - Enhanced Strength 1 (Limited to: Lifting, Lifting Strength 13; 1pp)

“Righteous-Toughness” - Impervious Toughness 15 (15pp)

Defenses: Toughness +15, Dodge +5, Parry +5, Fortitude +15, Will +2;

Complications: (Her Sense Of) Righteousness; Her Secret Identity;

Abilities 58 + Powers 50 + Feats 7 + Skills 22 (44 ranks) + Defenses 13 = 150pp

Once Haifa Ajram was an ordinary Al Jazeera journalist. During the inspection for a report on the construction of an Iranian nuclear power plant for peaceful energy use, the plant was attacked by Western agents and she was exposed to an extremely high dose of Kryptonite radiation. As a result, she got superhuman powers. Since then she tries as Captain Saudi to bring more justice to the world.

EDIT: Proud member of the INTERCONTINENTAL TRIFACTOR superhero team!

… deleted … since I played the first character …

So my plans for the next year:

Tenra Bansho, another Old School D&D Dungeoncrawl this time with an Indian theme (will probably use a Retro Clone), Marvel Heroic Roleplaying (Cortex), another NEW FIRE game, some scifi games and maybe even more japanese rpgs …

Whoa, okay I wasn’t aware we we supposed to be building someone that powerful :smiley: I guess I was thinking more like “beginning X-men char”, but cool, I can think about more powers for sure…

Uhm, yeah let me think on it… no preferences so far, but I’ll look over Darth’s sheets here and something will come to me…

That one is actually intentional :wink:

Unless it upsets the GM’s plans of course, then f**k it :smiley:

But I thought we’re most likely gonna be a party anyways, right? Some specialisation makes things more interesting then, perhaps?

That is all completely awesome-sounding! :slight_smile:

I’d consider taking the “activates the moment I’m in danger” option, please.

Like its a natural instinct for me to up my supernatural defenses on a mere hunch or reflex, perhaps?

@ Auburney. Ok adjusted the power but still some points to spend. So the stasis field will active whenever as a defense. However note that once created you can’t dismiss it, it’s there until I say so. You can also choose the size up to a maximum of 15m radius sphere.
You will probably want to put some points in the saves, reflex, fort and toughness, and, defense and attack. Abilities such as str, dex, con, will, int and cha all start at 10 (human average) and also can be raised. Just mention a profession or something, ie sniper, pilot or martial artist, and I can place the points in that direction.