Trip to Trieste for Adventurer's League


:rofl: LMAO

But yes, I hate it the 10 character minimum as well. This is actually a rant of yours that I would have loved to witness in person. :grin:


Minimum characters increased to 12.


I’m pretty sure @Neil never even thought of the possibility of @H confining himself to 9 or fewer characters.

I wish I could like this 1000 times.




Unfortunately, I can’t make it.


Unfortunately, we are having a slight financial encumbrance that will prevent me from joining you. I’m not thrilled about not coming, but I am REALLY happy about the reason for the FE.


ToAPrimerv1.pdf (868.1 KB)
just got this per mail. Really looking forward to Trieste now :grin:


Tickets for the live shows will be going on sale shortly …

And whaddya mean “rant”? By my standards, that’s thoughtful analysis!


Oops! :slight_smile:



Awesome guys. AWESOME! :heart_eyes::heart_eyes:



And it’s not like we embarrassed your group or Austrian roleplaying or anything. The prize for first character death is a prestigious award!


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