Trip to Trieste for Adventurer's League

Is anyone at all interested in going to Trieste, Italy on October 21 for the FUMETTI PER GIOCO comic-con and, more importantly, the Adventurer’s League tournament game? They advertised it here. @H and I were thinking that if a few of us got together, we could rent a car for the weekend. It’s a 5-6 hour drive to Trieste, and the buses and trains suck (expensive and take anywhere from 8-16 hours). Get a couple of hotel rooms, and make a party of it? We’d have to drive down Friday afternoon/evening and back either Saturday afternoon/evening or Sunday, depending on people’s wallets and time. The comic-con itself is 5€.

We could rent something like this, and travel in style:

Any interest? We’d need at least a couple more people to bring the costs down.

Hello mate…if you need any information you can find us on our fb page
Or you can directly write to me on whatsapp
We can help you with hotels, bed and breakfast or appartments

Fumetti per Gioco is what, Smokers for Gaming? Do you have to grab some Marlboros to attend? No, wait, that’s Fumatori.

I think.

Dang, my Italian stinks. :slight_smile:

But yeah, not yet sure whether I’ll be able to go, but might be a fun road trip. Thinking …

Fumetti is comics


You should really come guys…we have already 150 player for that event…we really love to have some friends from Austria…plus we have an actual bard… :wink: you really can’t miss all the fun

Depending on the cost I’d love to come. Trieste is a beautiful city and I’m always up for some Dragonslaying. (There will be dragons for me to slay right?)

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Well, I have been wanting to try the AL for a while…

Come on H, you haven’t heard about fumettis? Like, Hugo Pratt?

Don’t we have some D&B on the 22nd? We’d need to be back then…

22nd is firebreathing bag pipes and his friends :smiley:

i’d be interested to go to the convention, but my budget is a bit tight at the moment so i’ll probably pass, but have fun guys :slight_smile:

Honestly, if we make it a group trip, it might end up very affordable

well once we know who would be coming, we could get estimates what it would cost per person including and excluding me :stuck_out_tongue: but i’m still not sure my budget this month allows for it

ok, I did some very basic calculations. I took two of the cheapest hotel rooms for one night (boy & girl room), the very cheapest rental car for 2 days (drive down Friday evening and return late Sunday night), divided that by 4 (@H, @Simon, @Sarah, @Siobhan) and came up with 65€ per person, not counting the 5€ admission to the con. That doesn’t include gas or meals. I don’t know if increasing the number of people will decrease the price, since we might need more hotel rooms and a bigger car. But attached are my beginning calculations, courtesy of Sixt and (I priced driving down Friday evening and returning Saturday night).

You’ll notice I priced out the cheapest automatic transmission for the cars. That’s because (AMERICAN!), I can’t drive a manual transmission. I have been taught a number of times in my life, each time ending with “there’s nothing more I can teach you, you just have to practice now” followed by whisking away said manual transmission. So I can’t help drive, unless y’all want me to finally do my practicing that weekend :stuck_out_tongue:

Trieste Trip.pdf (54.0 KB)

return late sunday night (wouldn’t work to me) as stated in the beginning or saturday night (as stated at the end of the first paragraph)? :smiley:

We could also take a bus. Around 30 bucks a pop, and would allow for more flexibility if people want to return at different times.

You found a bus that took less than 8-10 hours to get there? WHERE?

Late Saturday night. We’d have to come back super early Sunday morning. Well, not SUPER early, but leaving by 7.

well we do have a game that sunday :smiley:

The Flixbus would cost about 65 quid per person (To and from Trieste) and takes 7 hours from here to there.


My post must be at least 10 characters. I can’t just agree, even with a long(ish) word.

Right, but if we split a car, the car AND hotel is running 65 bucks per person. Plus gas.

Wait, it’s a two-day, con, isn’t it?

I BELIEVE so… Saturday and Sunday… as far as I can tell from the Italian. But the Adventurer’s League game is only Saturday afternoon. So that’s Saturday morning to wander the con, and afternoon to play D&D.